Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bongani brings home Sandy - Chapter 10

After work,  Bongani asked Sandy to pour him a drink and bring it to the bedroom. She knew they were going to talk about Cape Town as he had promised. She knew Taata had a lot to tell her so she  got herself a drink too. Bongani had brought the letters Notemba had written over years to inform Bongani that she was pregnant.  He asked Sandy to read them.

After reading one letter,   Sandy was shocked that Bongani felt it was important for him to let her know about his true love! She got up and started packing her clothes. She was just throwing the stuff in the suitcases.  For the first time, Bongani was crying and begging her to stay.

"Sandy! Sandy! " Bongani begged with a crying voice. "I love you and I need your advice."   "I see it in your eyes! You cheated on me and now I have to read the love letters to confirm! " Sandy shouted.

Bongani was now on his knees begging Sandy. Bongani had never begged like that. Sandy calmed down and asked Taata to get up before his uncle who  was knocking found him on his knees. Uncle asked whether everything was fine and Sandy said they were just talking.

Bongani decided to tell Sandy everything. He said he was sorry and asked her what to do. Sandy  said she wasn't willing to be in a polygamous marriage. She said she had to talk to Notemba not to expect anything more from her husband. She agreed for the daughter to visit and warned Bongani never to go to Cape Town.

Bongani realised that there would be chaos if he carried on seeing Notemba.  Sandy asked  Bongani never to talk to Notemba ever to avoid temptation. Was he going to follow his wife's orders? Was he going to forget all about his first love and those moments they had? Only time would tell.

Bongani still wanted to be boss so he started telling Sandy how she was more beautiful than Notemba. He promised to be the Taata she always wanted.


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