Saturday, February 18, 2017

#Banyankole do not get #Uganda government allowances

By Charles Rwomushana

People don't know Museveni family NRA occupation al - Nakba consensus eats all the Banyankore allowances.

Honesty look at the lips of the likes of Allen Kagina, Dana Atwine etc who are setting up the buffet. ..You see the traces of chicken soup on their lips.

They don't do this women lip paint.

Apaana. .. It's chicken soup. .. They should be the ones to account for the chicken. ..

They don't represent those who hail from the western part of Uganda. ..

We never elected them to to eat all the chicken on our behalf. ..

Even the names of their buildings are not in Runyankole. ..You hear Naana, Nunu, Nina. ...These are Kiruhura Chinese words. ..

Even the word Museveni is hybrid. ..Mu is Vietnam. ...You have heard words like Minh. ..and Seven is English. ..

Our own also dig pit latrines, push wheel barrows and vend passion fruits. ..and fried grasshoppers. ...

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