Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Another snow storm for #NewBrunswick #Canada and the entire East Coast

Winter storm warnings have been issued for Thursday for southern and central New Brunswick, where many people are still digging out from close to 80 centimetres of snow left by a blizzard.

Environment Canada alerts issued at 4 p.m. Tuesday warned of hazardous winter conditions starting Wednesday night and lasting through much of Thursday.

At least 15 centimetres of snow is expected, more in the southeast of the province.

The warning said increasingly strong easterly winds and blowing snow, along with reduced visibility, would be problems into Thursday.

The poor weather may contribute to transportation delays, said Environment Canada.

Cities clean up after storm

"Havoc, havoc, lots of havoc," was how Ron Bulmer described the aftermath of Monday's snowstorm.

The Fredericton garbage truck driver is working two shifts this week after the service was suspended during Monday's storm. Garbage will now also be collected on Saturday, he said.

Bulmer said it's not easy navigating the snow piles around the city, which are made worse by a thick sheet of ice below, a leftover from a major ice storm two weeks ago.

"It's like concrete," he said.

"We try to slow it down a little bit, and try to work with the public and maybe go a little extra, like dig that garbage can or dolly out of the snow, give them a break that way."


Fredericton, D&L Motors, snow, shovel
Most motorists only have one, maybe two vehicles to dig out. No such luck for used car dealership D & L Motors Inc. in Fredericton. (Catherine Harrop/CBC)

A news release from the City of Fredericton warned that as crews continue to clear the roads, streets will remain narrower than usual for a while.

Crews were also clearing sidewalks, but the city said the work may take longer in some areas because priority is being given to sidewalks near schools.

City buses were back on the road Wednesday and city-run facilities returned to normal hours.

Saint John

Snow, sidewalk, Saint John
This south end sidewalk in Saint John was plowed Tuesday morning, but 'most' were not, as crews continued to focus on clearing roads, the city said. (Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon/CBC)

In Saint John, residents of the south-central peninsula were asked not to put their garbage and compost out until Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.

"This is to enable the night shift to focus on snow clearing," the city said online.

The peninsula also remains under a temporary overnight parking ban. Any vehicles on the street after 11 p.m. will be ticketed and towed. The city has cleared seven parking lots for use by residents after 6 p.m.

Moncton snow storm
In Moncton, city facilities opened at noon and the buses were also back on the roads, but the city warned residents to expect delays.

The city plans to haul snow over the next several days "and possibly weeks until all narrow streets are widened and sidewalks are opened," the city said in an online notice.

Corners where snow has created sight problems will be tackled "as time permits."

Moncton crews are expected to work around the clock, weather permitting, to open sidewalks, though some areas, especially Mountain Road, will require snow hauling because of a lack of storage space.

Safety concerns

snow tunnel, Saint John,
Parents were asked to keep their children from building snow forts and tunnels along the side of roads as snow removal crews may unintentionally injure children playing in the snow banks. (Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon/CBC)

All three cities asked motorists to watch for pedestrians on the road, as sidewalks remained uncleared.

Residents were asked to clear out fire hydrants, if possible, and to make sure natural gas vents are uncovered to avoid potential carbon monoxide build-up.

The silent killer: How carbon monoxide creeps into your home
Parents should keep children from building snow forts and tunnels along the side of roads, as snow-removal crews could unintentionally injure them, said a notice from the city of Fredericton.

More shovelling on the way

In the meantime, residents in Moncton said were just trying to shovel a path through Monday night's snow before getting hit by yet another storm on Thursday.

"It's just another day, another winter day in New Brunswick," said Kevin Harrity. "I'm not really worried about what's coming because it's not supposed to be too, too heavy."

Sharon Harris hopes to clear the back stairs and deck by the time Thursday comes around.

"I'll probably just get it done and it'll start snowing again on Thursday," she said.

"So, it'll just sort of continue on. What the heck?"
Here we go again: warnings issued for new winter storm

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