Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Advice for #Ugandan graduates - you are on your own

This year some 80,000 will be getting their degrees from universities in Uganda.  Sadly 85% of them will not get jobs.  AND many will remain unemployed for many years since the people currently holding jobs are changing their ages to avoid retiring.

Some years ago, the Uganda government passed some law forcing teachers to retire at age 55 but other public servants are apparently supposed to retire at age 65 and judges and parliamentarians can work till they die and the tax payers pay sh. 36million for their funerals.

I am thinking that we might need to give some senior servants bad belly aches so that they can die of natural causes.  If you are not familiar with how Ugandan elites die, just remember that they fly out in Business class and return in cargo belly dead.  OR if you missed it, many cannot be treated in Ugandan hospitals since the health system is so bad they have to fly to Nairobi, Dar El Salam, South Africa or the commonest one being India.  Most still return dead.

If you are truly privileged, you might fly to Germany to have a baby or to UK for cancer or even Netherlands.

As far as education goes, if your parents cannot send you abroad for education and if they are close to the regime, you will get a govt scholarship to public universities in Uganda (no idea how many of these exist by the way).

Today what is trending on Social Media are the 50 graduates from Makerere University from Law school where none of them got first class and most got a pass. I even have no idea what a pass is but likely to award degrees to just keep Makerere Law School operating.

Parents pay something like sh. 5 million per year for 3-4 years for their kids to get a law degree.  If they got in on govt sponsorship, the parents likely paid sh. 2m per year for expenses.

Makerere has a Pre-Admission test for law school.  So the best university got kids in who could not score a degree in first class?  By the way, I have no idea what first class is but I suppose it is a GPA of 4 or more, right?

So we have 50 new lawyers.  We have judges knocking off their ages meaning they stay longer.  This implies that the current ones have no upward mobility.  This means new graduates cannot move into the junior jobs.  This normally would not even be an issue for these kids with an LDC could open up their own private law firms.  This is a good idea. All you graduates, please open up your own law firms instead of begging for jobs.

Do you not think that after your parents sold their land and cattle and bought you a degree at the cost of sh. 20-25 million you should now be on your own?  The government is not creating enough jobs for graduates.  You will have to use that degree on your own and spare your parents from selling whatever is left to pay for your masters degree or a ticket to Arab countries to work as a houseboy or a maid.  Just think about it.

You might want to read what I shared years ago and even as recent as last year of how Museveni regrets not destroying education earlier in his reign.  If you have a degree and cannot read or write, then you are on your own. All the same, congratulations on your degree. Please do not make your parents sell anything or take out a bank loan to throw for you a lavish graduation party only so you can take off that gown and go back home with no job offer.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS: I could have gone to law school but my parents could not afford it so I went into Information Technology and Business. HOW DICTATOR #MUSEVENI DESTROYED #UGANDA

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