Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#Uganda #Genocide - another #Kasese massacre underway

Another attack this morning at dawn. Check CBS FM. One of our reporters is on the ground. Stay tuned.

Please refer to the following published on January 2, 2017.

Around late November 2016, Museveni ordered the cold blooded killings of over 100 innocent men, women and children in Kasese district.  This was simply because the local Bakonjo tribe had overwhelmingly voted for the opposition and demonstrated extraordinary courage to defend the choice. 
Fearing being accused of crimes against humanity and genocide before the ICC, the Police chief, Gen. Kalekyezi went into hiding. The scheme to entrap the army chief, Gen Katumba flopped when he appeared before the Parliamentary committee and distanced himself from the entire security operations in Kasese.  Feeling cornered, Kalekyezi advised Museveni not to make any comment on the Kasese massacre.
Museveni told the same committee that he had been advised by the "Attorney General" not to make any comments since the matter is before courts of law.  How come the same Attorney General did not advise parliament, the army chief and other regime official who have continued to publicly discuss the matter!!!  How come he invites local leaders from Kasese to discuss with them the same incident!!! 
He is now trying to dissuade these local leaders from pursuing the ICC option.  His insistence that the fate of the King of Rwenzururu will only be determined by court is premised on the fact that the latter's freedom will only be granted in return for dropping the ICC option.  He is too shy to put it clearly.  On the contrary, though weak, the ongoing court process is his only available defence.   It is in this regard that he had to hurriedly dispatch his Attorney General to The Hague based ICC in order to 'pour some cold water'.
During the early days of the Northern and Eastern Uganda insurgency, Museveni's army would commit heinous war crimes against civilians and he would come out to chest thump thus:  ".... we massacred them, we butchered, ......I've never heard about the Geneva Convention, ........we tie their hands behind (kandoya) etc.". 
However, as the insurgency evolved and it became public knowledge that his army was committing war crimes, he resorted to his old Bush War schemes.  Any public outcry would be proceeded by a nasty massacre allegedly by the insurgents such that attention would be diverted from his own atrocities.  
Indeed, the scheme was a big success in that we saw the LRA being indicted by the ICC.  During the ADF insurgency in Western Uganda, there was the infamous Kichwamba massacre allegedly by the ADF and this particular incident has proved a major weapon in persecution of Muslims.  However, the regime is worried of the unresolved question of who ordered the gruesome and savagery massacre of over 100 people in Kasese.  
Ugandans of all walks of life are convinced that the Kasese massacre was a deliberate action against innocent civilians. It is worth noting that even the regime in its panicky mood allowed Bishops and Imams to preside over the mass burial of alleged 'terrorists' at Rukooki Saza grounds. 
The regime is feeling more pressure when all places of worship in the country indirectly condemn the massacre by dedicating the festive season to Kasese. The regime has charged more than 100 so called terrorists but have not produced 13 suspects that it's holding in undisclosed locations. 
These 13 are undergoing blackmail and brainwashing so that they can be turned into state witnesses.  Therefore, there is a high possibility that the regime could be hatching to stage manage a grand massacre in the region that will be blamed on the Rwenzururu militants.  That way, attention will be drawn away from the November 2016 massacre.
Already, Andrew Mwenda is hypocritically spearheading the psychological preparations assisted by the regime's online mouthpiece, Chimpreports.
Watch out the people of Kasese and Tooro, watch out Ugandans; it is not yet over until it is over.

#Uganda government is planning a stage managed terror attack to massacre more #Kasese

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