Sunday, January 29, 2017

#Uganda #31years - voices of freedom ring out from The Peril of #Africa

By Joseph Tumushabe

Let the Voice of Defiance reach every hill and Valley in Uganda;
Let the plains and plateau say no more;
Let the echo of my people be heard in the ravines
Let the call to save my motherland sound loud and clear;
As we all say, Besigye is ours.

Let the women harvesting millet sing freedom;
Let the carpenters and builders hum freedom;
Haulers of luggage and farmers pick it up.
As we all say Besigye songa.

My brother in police you have a duty;
My sister in the crime preventers you have a job;
And my uncle in the army the people need you
Link up with you crying unemployed brother.
Listen to the Voice of Hope, the ballitone voice of Besigye.
Save mother Uganda from the monster of selfish greed;
Save my grandpa from lies and slander;
Save this nation from falling off the cliff;
Trust our destiny with  Wesige Best.

 Let's light a candle of hope;
Let's not just curse the darkeness and gloom;
Let the voice of the child sing freedom;
Let the youth sing to the rising tide of hope;
Hope for a new Uganda as we all say.
Wesige Besigye.

 Mother where are you?
Sister bring me my drum and ndingidi.
Papa where is my frute and ngalabi?
Where is the Timble and Harp Aunt?
I want to sing a song for Uganda.
And Dance with Dr . Besigye.

Joseph Tumushabe


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