Sunday, January 29, 2017

#Uganda #31years - rogue regime now threatens to hack activist accounts

Saturday January 28, 2017 was hit and miss. Someone said they had hacked Facebook accounts of 3 people who work with notorious #TVO and were to disclose a lady in Canada who helps them.

First of all that message should have been taken as bluff.  Because it was bluff. Had the person hacked those 3 gentlemen who were mentioned, believe me, he would have disclosed it all.  AND had the person been sure of the lady in Canada, he would have put it out.

I have friends asking me if my account was hacked or could be hacked and I have told them nope.

It is not because my account cannot be hacked to disclose my conversations with Ugandans or my information. In any case, all my information is public (try Google).

What concerns me is my friends going into panic mode that I have been hacked or could be hacked.

The 128 bit encryption which Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, WhatsApp and other social media engines use is a bit hard to hack.  There are ways around this but Uganda's minister of ICT is not an astronaut.

The easiest way to hack an account is to send someone an App that they install without realising its use.  The App will then record every key stroke and get your password and then your password will be used to log into all your other accounts.

That could be easy but Facebook and others have a script running that notices that you are not logging in from your area and they lock your account and send you a message to unlock your account.  They normally do this via email or SMS. I think the unlock is 30mins so if Ugandans have to take the boda boda for 2hrs to go to an internet cafe, it means your account will not be accessed.  If they succeed, you will have a hard time convincing Facebook that I am in Bweyogerere and using my phone number which is registered on a service provider in Canada and I have not told my Telco that I am travelling away from Moncton Canada (because I usually have to buy international roaming data).

But let us say that I got hacked for real bearing the above, all my communication is consistent. I do not say anything which is not public.  All chats are about the same things and wakyili if whoever says they hacked me discloses it, it will be on media and the world will know that I am consistent.

For now, please be assured that I am not hacked and whoever tries will have their hands full and after s/he is done, they will have to deal with me because I will then hack them. I bet they have more to hide from the world than what I have to write about.

Martha Leah Nangalama
IT Analyst and social media activist. Do not tempt me.
#US needs to invoke Goldman Act to return #Kidnapped #American children being held in #Uganda

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