Sunday, January 29, 2017

#Uganda #31years - people power can overthrow #Museveni


There is a saying that goes, if you are not rich at least die fighting to become rich. It is not easy to fight dictator Museveni but that does not mean that we cannot be successful. I will give you an example of a larger tree in the forest. You may wonder if that big tree would ever come down. If we cut its branches one at a time and dig up its roots, that big tree would come down in a hurry.

By going after Museveni's supporters, Museveni does not stand a chance. This is what we should do, those that have pictures of those carrying out dictator Museveni's orders to torture us, their pictures must be posted on a flier with their names as one who carries out Museveni's orders.

Museveni put his hand on the Bible and swore to work for the people of Uganda and on January 25th, he said he is not working for us which is an impeachable offense. If the Mpigs cannot do their jobs then it's the citizens duty to do the needful. Many Ugandans lost their lives in the past concluded elections for what?

This madness must stop. Let's go after these little branches and roots to bring down a big tree. When we are fighting to overthrow the regime, we are not fighting president Museveni but fighting a certified liar who lied to us that he was going to serve and protect us. It's on the record of what he said.

We don't need a freedom fighter but a president. As I said Museveni rules the country as a rebel leader and he proved me right when he said what he said on January 25th.


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