Saturday, January 28, 2017

#Uganda #31years - #Oil handshake STUPID order was reward for fraud

By Charles Rwomushana

The NRA occupation al -Nakba oil cash handshake bonanza was a reward for an elevated fraud. ..a manifestation of a complex State capture. ..and indeed, the larger question should be. ..
Where is the balance of the oil money after the oil cash handshake ..?


I had a chat with Mr Matsiko of Kampala Associated and he indicated that they represented Tullow. ..
Tullow and Mr Elly Karuhanga are twins. ..

Kindly follow link here below. .
Tullow Boss Intimidated By President Karuhanga - Red Pepper Uganda

Kampala Associated is variously Museveni advocates. ..and prosecuted Besigye for and with DPP. ..

The entire root system of Kampala Associated is in the Attorney General. ...
Kampala Associated is the defacto Attorney General. ..

In essence they connived in London to bring down the Capital Gains tax by more than 50 percent. ..
The link here below takes you into the settlement plan.

You will notice as I argue in my nbs conversation, the parties appointed the arbitrators etc. ..and I challenged  Matsiko how they arrived at them and what formula was used to slash the capital gains tax by 50 %. .? He went mute.

Mr Matsiko denied Kampala Associated was paid 10 Million dollars. ..and I challenged. ..and continue to do so. ..that if the Attorney General paid the other counsel 10 million dollars. ..Kampala Associated, having previously represented Museveni and. ..or you remember DPP in the Besigye treason case. ..and the Billions that went with it. .?

I asked him how much they were paid. ..having succeeded in saving Tullow close to 900 billion shillings. ..and Matsiko wants me to believe they were paid one dollar. .

This is the real NRA occupation al - Nakba. ..That serves Museveni beliefs. ..

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