Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#Uganda #31years - national exam results UCE (O' Level)

In 2013, kids from my home Bugisu did very badly on the PLE (national Primary Leaving Exams) like you have no idea.

Instead of lashing out at the exams which I hate, I talked to a teacher. Karim Nanyiri teaches English Literature at Mbale S.S. He has a bachelor in education, a Masters in Education and a Masters in Linguistics. I asked him why our people had failed.

Karim suggested that we set up tutoring to prepare kids for national exams. I had been previously involved in education by supplying yearly all school supplies to Bududa PS.

I followed Karim's idea and we set up 3 tutoring centres in Bugisu.

Karim and Sulaiti ran one. My nephew Mwenyi ran the one in Bududa.  We wanted to see results from if kids were tutored.

Ladies and gentlemen, numbers do not lie. Mbale S.S scored well.


Mbale Secondary School Division I - 85; Div II 167; Div III 218 (Best scorers 2 each getting Aggregates 10 for 8)

Bugisu High School Division I - 10; Div II 33; Div III 34 (Best scorer Aggregates 21 for 8)

Nkoma Secondary School Division I - 17; Div II 59; (Best scorer Aggregates 15 for 8)

Mbale Comprehensive High School Division I - 03; Division II 14; the rest to be confirmed later

Hamdan Girls' High School Division I - 19; Div II 35; Div III 28 (Best scorer Aggregates 15 for 8)

Mbale High School Division I - 03; the rest to be confirmed later.

St. Paul's College Mbale Division I - 27; Division II - 48; Division 19

Bukonde Secondary School Division I - 00; Division II - 02; Division III - 05

Nabumali High School Division I - 33; Div II 67; Div III 42 (Best scorer Aggregates 14 for 8)

We are yet to look for more schools' postings including;

Bufumbo Secondary School,
Wanale Secondary School,
Nabumali Secondary School,
Nyondo Secondary School,
St. Mary's College (former Elgon High School),
Wanale View SS,
Mt. Masaba High School,
Mbale Progressive SS,
University Link High School,
Grace SS,
Town side High School,
Manafwa High School,
Oxford High School,
Nkoma High School,
Malukhu High School,
Joy Secondary School,
[31/01, 3:35 p.m.] Karim: Mulembe yaya.
[31/01, 3:36 p.m.] Karim: Ever since we did our tutorials up in Bukonde, Bumalunda Primary School has maintained Division One posting.
[31/01, 3:37 p.m.] Karim: They appreciated our efforts and spirit.
[31/01, 3:37 p.m.] Karim: They still appreciate.

THIS IS HOW WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The tutors were all volunteers. The teaching rooms were from the school or district.

We cannot lament about kids doing badly if we do not invest in education.  Museveni is one person.  We are many and can give of us.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton Canada
I attended Bududa PS, Namugongo PS and Namagunga SS.

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