Friday, January 27, 2017

#Uganda #31years must stop abusing social media with Bible religion

My people have a habit of using social media to preach to me and sending chain prayer things or outright threats.

"Type Amen and then send this prayer to 12 people or else you will face a calamity".

The calamity was you getting into my Inbox or getting my WhatsApp number.

I bought a rental house from a pastor one time. He looked at the conditions I had put on the sales agreement. "The 6 Bibles come with the house".

Between my kids and I, we have Bibles in our library.

You complain that MBs are expensive and you have no data to open the job or scholarship links I send you and yet you use your data to send me Bible verses.

Do you not think that someone with free WIFI and unlimited Internet already has access to those verses?

And where exactly did Jesus say if you do not preach my word to 12 you would face a calamity?

Some of you go to your pastors and priests and hand over your hard earned money to pay for special prayers promising you that this is your year for that marriage or job.  And the year ends. You still grass. You return in the dry January and hand over $500 (sh.1.7m) because this might be your year as God may have been sleeping in 2016!

You know what, God gets bored too.

I implore you to use your data to do something with your life because you are the ones who are unemployed and sick and starving. I am employed with plenty of food and Canada has a great medical care system but you cannot even afford malaria medicine but think your data should be used to preach to a preacher who lives a short drive from great churches that do not steal from the congregation.

No wonder Jesus weeps.

Martha Leah Nangalama
PS: If it is not news or education or jobs, I care less. Unlike Museveni, I am a servant. But not your dumping bag for your ill placed religious obsessession.

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