Friday, January 27, 2017

#Uganda #31years launches a new media house called #PublicLens

Besides dictator #Museveni telling Ugandans and the entire world that he is not a servant of Ugandans, he also apparently announced launching of a new media house called Public Lens which is supposed to work for Ugandans.

One would have to be totally stoned to think that the new media house will be serving Uganda.

Museveni already has New Vision (government media house), Chimpreports (which spins tribal wars and lies and is an apologist for Museveni).

Or did Daily Monitor stop the nonsense of putting the rogue regime in a positive light?  Monitor has had issues with telling the truth as they promise their readers.  In fact when Monitor tries to tell some stories, they get threatened and often have to pull down articles.  But Nation Media does not feed off Museveni and his thugs.  So this paper has tried to remain in Uganda and inform and educate.

The Observer is independent.  So independent that I wonder why Lokodo has not arrested Observer.

Of course we have Red Pepper which is a tabloid with its HELLO section on who slept with who and if they used a condom.

We have always had The Insider which was late on the party but after the insanity of Kasese which I was reporting on constantly on the internet without even publishing on The Insider, our news site went out of commission.  We are gonna revive it as PerilOfAfrica.  Stay tuned.

So this Public Lens is in for a big fight.  They will be funded by a dying regime.  They will face stiff competition from the established media houses.  They will face a new order.

Everyone in Uganda is now a reporter.  It is a great time for the world and most especially for Uganda which has always been restricted from access to information.  Every corner of Uganda has a smart phone.  We get stories and break stories before even the media houses wake up.

For all Ugandans, please remain alert.  You no longer have to beg the media houses to write the story and publish it.  You only have to contact the freedom and justice activists you know and your story will go global.  You all know who they are.  And if you fear for your security, we shall publish with AUTHOR'S IDENTITY WITH HELD.

Museveni should not launch another media company.  He should allow the current ones to operate as journalists instead of muzzling them.  He might also want to pay them better.  He could also fire his entire media team that keeps on embarrassing him globally.

Pay attention to Social Media.  It will bite you.  Uganda exported some smart people and now you will feel the pain.

Martha Leah Nangalama
IT analyst by profession and social media person. I am an activist for freedom for my people and justice.  My blog gets enough hits and I am on all the key social media engines as myself.


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