Saturday, January 28, 2017

#Uganda #31years - kids of these days

Some Ugandans wonder if the children we have abroad know anything about Uganda.

Believe me, they know. They read. They watch. And they want the same for their age group in Uganda.

This is a video from a friend in Germany whose son was campaigning for Besigye.  Non, the kid was campaigning for change. A change that is good for Uganda.

This is no different from Span's daughter calling out for Uganda youth to rise up and take their country back.

It it no different from Rebecca and Natasha telling me "but if they are hungry, how can they do well at school".  OR even, "but why do you not buy them books so they can read and know?"

Please judge us tenderly.  We are trying.  You are just too contented but it is a bad thing for our children and grand children.

You see, Museveni was right when he said "I work for my children and grandchildren".  Take a piece out of that.  He works for himself and his family.

What Ugandans now know is that no one will work for their children and grandchildren.  So at this point you cannot choose to work for you or your family because you have lost all the parastatals, land, cooperatives, demolished schools, roads, medicine, medics, judiciary, banks, etc... Nebilala nebilala.

You would be a fool not to realise that we are in this struggle together. I think the way we can work for "my children and my grand children" is for all of us to put our efforts together and build a liveable country.  A place we can all call home. A country that looks after its most vulnerable citizens. A country which feeds everyone.  A country which has medicine for everyone. A country which picks up the axe and shovel and repairs its roads. A country which carries a spade and wheel barrow and cleans the trash off the roads (or the garbage from parliament and state house).

A country which pays the most important professionals in Uganda.  TEACHERS.

When we are done, we shall go find our elders.  We shall repair their ramshackled huts.  We shall wash their feet and hands and remove jiggers so that they do not go blind and deaf.

We shall plant trees to avoid land slides. We shall plant food on every piece of land, no matter how tiny, so that we all have enough to eat.

But non, we are not done yet. I think all schools should have a library and a computer centre in the library.  I think that all the compounds at every school should have mango trees. Avocado trees. Mangada. Fene. Oranges. In fact all the gardens around each school should be planted with sukuma, biringanya, carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic, tangawuzi, irish, lumonde, embooli, dduma.  You do know that kids love animals. So we could even have farms.  Have chicken that lay eggs so that the children can have an egg omelette, goats for the kids to milk, cows for the milk to be sold in the neighbourhood, pigs to sell to those places where people eat embizi.

BUT we could also have baking in the schools.  Not only will the students bake bread but they will make our well known Rolex, cakes, muffins, mandazi, samosa, roasted maize, boiled dumba...

Then when we are done, we will also have carpentry. Electrical and car mechanics training. Painting. Yes, painting houses. Masonry.  AND finally the kids will pain a rainbow.  With a paint brush on convass.

We could do a lot. ......

Martha Leah Nangalama
#ProudToServe VOTE KIZZA BESIGYE - YouTube

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