Monday, January 30, 2017

#Uganda #31years is full of wimps - #MuseveniPakalast

I count myself among the wimps so do not feel insulted alone. We are all to blame.

Imagine in a span of 2 months Museveni has done the following and we just watch and do nothing:

1) Committed a genocide on the people of Kasese bt ordering a massacre of a population.

2) He has promoted all those who committed the massacre.

3) He has reshuffled the military, police and intelligence organisations to move people into positions they are not qualified for or to reward his friends or to punish those who do not commit his crimes against humanity.

4) Various international companies departed prior to this but just now Airtel is exiting Uganda.

5) This is happening in the face of a sh.7B handshake and STUPID order, URA, UNRA, NSSF missing funds as well as use Uememe.

6) He has imprisoned a king.  The king of Kasese, well King Charles Wesley Mumbere while torturing his servants with 2 guards so far killed in Nalufenya dungeons and now I hear the King is appearing with Mukula (ADF) for terrorism or treason or whatever else Museveni fancies, hence rendering the Judiciary totally useless.

7) Kanyamunyu has gotten away with murder.

8) Minister of defense (ex.) of the Kasese area, one Kiyonga, is being sent into exile.

9). Busoga King is now a servant and Basoga held a celebration.  WHAT THE????

10) Museveni is on live camera telling all of us he is not a servant.  He does not work for Ugandans.  You must get it out of your head that he serves.

Mukule mubone!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Nange ndi mukoowu!

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