Saturday, January 28, 2017

#Uganda #31years - God has also given up

A man was lost at sea. The storm was raging. The boat was gonna capsize. He resorted to prayer and asked God to come save him.

A bigger boat passed by and asked if he needed help. He said "non, I am waiting on the Lord".

Some fishermen in canoes noticed his boat about to go under. They asked him to get on one of their canoes. He replied "I am waiting on the Lord".

Soon after a helicopter flew over and hovered above him saying they would throw a rope and pull him up. He replied "I am waiting on the Lord".

Finally when the storm got bad, he got on his knees and said his last prayer "God, I trusted you. Why did you let me down?  I am in the eye of the storm and you have not come to save me".

God replied "I came. Three times. You rejected my help".

I think the guy drowned at sea and the fish ate him. It does not really matter.  The fact is God comes in different faces and only saves those who can save themselves.

For 2 decades now, God has sent Dr. Kizza Besigye to help save themselves. They have rejected his advice and keep going to church to ask God to save them.

Even God got furious and sent Gen. Sejusa. They rejected this one too. Then God sent Dr. Kiyingi and Ugandans who know absolutely nothing about framing murders rejected Kiyingi.

So in 2014 God said "since my other saviours of Uganda were rejected let me send in Mbabazi to assure them that I am still paying attention and you being close to the centre, maybe this time they will listen."

Our people rejected the last hope God had for Uganda.

Now you are all on your own. None of those God sent live in desperate poverty like you. In fact you are the ones who suffer for not heeding what Besigye told you in 2001 and even Mugisha Muntu joined the cause.

FDC must get serious. So does JPAM camp. Focus on the common enemy instead of each other.

Martha Leah Nangalama
PS: I make things up so it is likely none of what I said above happened.

#DICTATORS: #Uganda is bewitched. #UgandaNewsBriefing update on #Kasese

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