Saturday, January 28, 2017

#Uganda #31years - #EALA campaign, elections. Opposition needs consensus

By Noah Mukhwana

As you might be aware, FDC like any other organization has got two tendencies, we have the so called moderates and the so called extremists.

The moderates in the FDC see a problem with the ruling party but have no problem with the regime remaining in power, they believe the regime will one time hand over power without pushing it to do so.

So hard to comprehend but sadly these moderates have been infiltrated by the money makers, the dealers and conmen for lack of a better word.

They are vendors of rumours. On the other hand, are the extremists who see a problem and want to confront it.  They seem more concerned about the economic inequalities, poor education, the corruption and plunder of our resources by those in government.

I am afraid to inform you that I belong to this last group though it is not our own description that we are extremists. It is NRM and sadly some so called moderates within the opposition ranks who refer to us as such.

Now, internally, the two approaches have torn us apart. We now have team Muntu and team Besigye.
Team Muntu has this over rated assumption of intelligence, Katuntu, Nabilah and now leader of opposition in Parliament (Winnie Kizza) are in this category.  They also seem to have some soft landing or liking for NRM because they are opposed to Besigye and Nandala Mafabi as individuals.

To cut the long story short, in this EALA elections, team Muntu is strongly behind the candidature of Hon. Ibbi Florence and Patrick Baguma while team Besigye is strongly behind Ingrid, Mayemba, Paga, and Kyambade but team Besigye has failed to get a compromise and agree on one candidate to compete against the other camp.  We are still continue with dialogue.

Team Muntu and NRM are opposed to Ingrid and so are favoring Ibbi. As FDC, we can't be blackmailed to get a candidate of NRM's liking. No and no.

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