Friday, January 27, 2017

#Uganda #31years Doka is bitter with #Museveni

This one is a piece of work.

The gentleman talks about how he has never gotten any compensation and how he fed the front line National Robbers Movement (NRM) fighters for 5 years when they were in the bush.

What is stunning is he lives on poridge.  One meal a day.  He is impoverished.  Yet still believes in Museveni and supports Museveni and is only asking for a chance to meet the Chief, the Commander of NRM.

Dudes, if your family fed Museveni and his thugs and sacrificed and they are now living in dire poverty and living on a tampeco of poridge (no sugar or milk) a day and you still praise Museveni and support him and hope to get his attention so you can get a brown envelop, it goes to prove that
Witchcraft is real (Thanks Denis).

It has got to be witchcraft.  No illuminati here but pure and documented insanity of the highest order. Send your grandchildren to dig and plant food mzee.  Museveni ain't coming to save you or them.  He is not a servant.  Okule obone.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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