Sunday, January 29, 2017

#Uganda #31years - another multinational exits Uganda #Airtel

By Bencal


They made too much money and they are running away without paying revenue.
Indians and Arabs are too smart ..

They don't pay taxes...Arabs came with Warid, made billions and sold it...

Warid was here in Uganda but with some tax waivers..the owner a billionaire in Abu Dhabi sold it...

Its local owners in Uganda were Moses Byaruhanga, Moses Balyeku, Fox Odoi and Hon Kutesa.

They made good money when they and the principal owner sold it to Indians .

These guys continued to make money by managing media of Airtel ,recruitment, clearing, as well as providing IT services through Huawei, a Chinese firm on Rwenzori courts linked to Hon, Kutesa and others....

Airtel made billions from stupid Ugandans and now running away without paying taxes because they have been declaring losses only but they are buying assets in USA and the company buying Airtel is linked to a chain of mafias in London but Africans think its headquartered are in Nairobi..

It will also make billions and immediately after 2021 elections it will be sold to another group but most likely to a Chinese.

Airtel has made profits and about three times what they bought it for...

These guys are global mafia and Ugandans will never understand them .

Mafias are too smart.

Don't think its a mistake that that company is always bought and was conned millions of Ugandans when over 18 million Ugandans were still stupid but still the mafias said they made losses.


Ugandans ..wake up..
Don't be fooled by global cartels operating around the world and protected by state agencies...

May be Hon Rwomushana can guide us.

airtel Uganda Homepage

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