Saturday, January 28, 2017

#Uganda #31 Let #Trump build his wall - #LabiSiffre, Something Inside So Strong

The wall. The wall. Some of you remember that Germany built a wall.  I wonder how that worked out for them.

Kenya has completed building a wall. I wonder how that is working out for them because apparently today some 50+ Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) were butchered by #AlShabaab.  Was it the wall that we needed?

Until the world wakes up and realises that we are in this together and must share all our resources, no wall will be too high to climb. We will just build taller ladders or get ropes and jump from place to place like Tarzan so we can get enough to eat, feed our families, educate our people, get paying jobs, stop slavery, stop torture, stop bullies, stop dictators, stop senseless murders, shout out to the world "WE BREATHE THE SAME AIR, STOP THE POLLUTION!"  << I can't breathe>>

Uganda has built many walls. In case you are behind news, Uganda has built the following walls that we should document properly:

1. Education is for the privileged

2. Jobs are for the ones who are connected to the rogue regime.

3. Medical care is reserved for those who serve the National Robbers Movement.

4. All roads which do not lead to Kigezi are on their own.

5. Justice is for a few and in fact lack of justice is more like it for those who get murdered daily or tortured or kidnapped or maimed or dare to talk.  Take a walk on Facebook and troll some Ugandans and you will see how many are threatened simply for publishing information about theft of banks, banks and banks.  Then you have to wonder what happens to the medicine in the hospitals.

6. Leadership is for people who have a pointy nose or have managed to pay for surgery.

7. Cooperatives which used to help farmers to get income are now for a chosen few.

8. ... Just add your own. I am also tired. Please add your own in the comments and I will put them right here.

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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