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Thousands in #NewBrunswick #Canada still have no electricity - army called in

A Ugandan friend living in Alberta sent me a message on Friday asking me if our family had electricity back.  I did not reply to her. Wapi, I needed her to be worried.  In any case, I think she is the lady that was mentioned by some Ugandan that she works for TVO and TVO's helpers.  I got power back after 3 days by the way.

Last night a friend from London UK (a Ugandan) asked me if I had not been killed in the Quebec Mosque attack.  I did not reply.  Because first of all this friend is annoying and he knows I do not live in Quebec and I do not go to Mosques. Earlier, I had blocked him on WhatsApp and then he had sent a message "I heard you were arrested. Mwenda exposed you as working with TVO".  With friends like these, who needs enemies?  So I unblocked him on WhatsApp and his next message was "So you have come out of DEFIANCE?"

In reality, people do care. I am finding that more and more Ugandans are paying attention to global affairs, world news.  Because what happens elsewhere affects us all.  Right now the big thing is on the US immigration ban.  Ugandans are paying attention.  Some hours ago I shared information about Canada. I beg you to read it and know that Canada is a welcoming place and has none of those tramp things that ban people out for their religion, race or colour or whatever.  But a joke is going around that if immigrants were banned, Trump would not have wives. Ahem.

Now on this Power outage, as I write this, 17,000 homes have no power. The temperature is rather pleasant so no one is freezing yet.  It is day 7. The temperature is -5 to -16 degrees celcius. You think you have problems?  Try wearing 5 layers of clothes to keep warm, cooking on fire if you do have firewood and a wood stove or kids whose schools are in places with power but the kids cannot take a shower to get onto the school bus to go for their exams this week (pushed over from last week as most schools had no electricity).  But the whole school thing is not a worry because education is over rated.  Look at all the school drop outs who are billionaires!

By the way, there are warming centres for those who have no electricity. The warming centres have free showers, hot drinks and charging places for gadgets.  In addition, most every community has free WIFI on the main roads, restaurants, libraries, hotel lobbies, etc..  The fire department and ambulances are on stand by for medical emergencies. No hospitals have cancelled any surgeries because of the power outage.  Uganda has a few things to learn.

We are having warnings on TV stations and phone broadcasts about reducing the load on the electricity for those who have it and carbon monoxide poisoning because some people are running generators in closed spaces and even none well ventilated fire places.  Stay tuned.

The province of New Brunswick has the highest tides in the world.  Hopewell Rocks. Picture attached.  The link about these tides is on the bottom.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

N.B. power outages expected to continue throughout the week: premier
CTV Atlantic
Published Sunday, January 29, 2017 6:28PM AST
Officials in New Brunswick say difficult working conditions prevented crews from hitting their goal of restoring 80 per cent power Saturday night, and the premier expects the blackouts to continue well into this week.

Sunday marked the sixth day many New Brunswickers remained off the grid. As of 5 p.m., more than 26,000 are still in the dark.

At its peak, more than 150,000 were off the grid, with seven communities declaring states of emergency.

“We have the backbone,” said NB Power president Gaetan Thomas. “We have hospitals, we have all the sub stations powered, we have most of the main feeds powered, so today we had the gas stations, the stores, people can get water.”

Most of the outages remain along the Acadian Peninsula. In many areas, the buzz of generators fill the air.

Two people have died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, while the number of residents in hospital has shot up.

“The number of people being treated, or have been treated for suspected in hospital for illnesses suspected to be related to carbon monoxide, is 31,” said New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant.

Military looking at helping N.B. storm victims: premier.

Officials warn N.B. residents to take precautions against carbon monoxide poisoning
Two dead, two hospitalized as a result of N.B. ice storm.

Communities like Shippagan, Lameque, and Pidgeon Hill have seen whole blocks of power poles collapse. NB Power says as many as 400 new poles will be needed province-wide.

Up to 150 troops from the Canadian Armed Forces will be deployed to the hardest hit parts of the province in the next 24 hours, clearing debris, handing out supplies, and conducting well-being checks. There is no timeline for how long they will stay in the region.

Part of the challenge now is preparing people for what could happen when the power comes back on.

“While you're waiting for your power to come back on, unplug things. Turn off lights, and other things of that matter,” Gallant said. <<Brian Gallant is the Premier of the province of New Brunswick.  I shared about provinces and territories earlier and how each has a Premier, like a governor for the United States of Africa.>>

“We are reactivating the system,” said Thomas. “Some of your neighbours are doing it with their own generators, and if it's not wired properly, it can backfeed on the line and you can end up receiving a shock – a fatal shock – if the line is laying on the ground.”

As light fades, 350 crews will try to meet their new target of restoring power to 60 per cent of the Acadian Peninsula.

Warming centres will remain open, and all schools have been shut down in the area for at least Monday and Tuesday.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Cami Kepke.
N.B. power outages expected to continue throughout the week: premier

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