Monday, January 30, 2017

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There were 40 people in the mosque. Two arrests have been made and this information is still in progress as the story was running all night.  As of this now, there are 6 dead and 9 wounded in the Quebec City mosque attack. CBC and various other media outlets. The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it is a terrorist attack.

Before you go on about how Moslems are dangerous, remember Canada took in 35,000 Syrian refugees and USA took in 10,000. Canada welcomes people from every country and religion. I hear your #TVO might even be in Canada!

Canada has 9 provinces and 3 territories.  You can think of them like States in the United States of Africa which it will be by the time the Tramp is done with it.

Each provimce is lead by a Premier. Think of a premier like a Governor for a State in USA. Elected every 4yrs. Provinces and territories have provincial laws. More like State laws. These laws do not superceded Federal laws but can be in addition to Federal laws.

Canada is a Bilingual country. English and French. One needs both in order tp get a great govt job. But both are not mandatory. Only recommended. All schools teach both and Immersion scbools offer subjects in both. Only a small percentage do immersion. It is the Province of New Brunswick (NB) which is mandated by law to have French Immersion schools in every community. Because it is the only fully Bilingual province. The others are English or French and if you want service in the language not offered at that location, I am sorry maybe try the office in the next town. Or come back tomorrow when a French speaking employee is working. Or in MacDonalds in Quebec you get a blank look when you order food in English. 🙄🙄🙄🙄. Sometimes. The look is more like "are you stupid? This is a French province!".

The capital city for Quebec is Quebec. In like Quebec City. It is not Montreal but Montreal is the commercial capital being very big. But almost like Vancouver being the biggest city in British Columbia (BC) yet Victoria is the capital city.

The capital of Canada (It is a Federation) is Ottawa.

The capital of NB is not Moncton. It is Fredericton. Moncton is the Commercial Capital with the biggest international airport in the province.

But Toronto is the biggest city, commercial city and biggest airport in Canada. It has 5m+ residents. It used to be the 10th biggest city in North America when Chimpanzee published an article that a Ugandan was running for mayor for the number 1 city in North America (USA and Canada). What monkeys.

CampusBee and all Uganda media went on and on about a Ugandan girl being elected Guild president in a University in Canada. That was a lie. Niagara College is a small inconspicuous community college in the a small city. Compared to Uganda, Busoga University is more famous than Niagara College.

The president of Nigeria did not die on January 29, 2017 according to some Ugandans who spread trash in trashy WhatsApp groups.

Neither did Muwema win a court injunction to have #TVO's identity revealed in late 2016 according to Daily Monitor. A lie which all the Uganda media picked up because A BIG MEDIA HOUSE WAS RUNNING THE STORY AND WE ALSO HAD TO RUN IT.  Chimpanzee amazed me. They did not run the story. Pat King knew I would have crucified him as I had done on the Biggest city. Roger issued a correction the next day. The other media houses did not.

A media lie or any of us reporting false information makes us lose credibility. The obligation of a reporter, journalist, news writer or activist is to report TRUTH. Where one is not sure, you indicate that you are not sure and are still investigating or waiting for more details to add.  Where you report a story and find out later that it was not true and this is usually when your source reports to you something that might not be true, you issue an apology. We are all human beings and mistakes are acceptable but we must say sorry when we make a mistake.

Back to TVO and Buhari. Do you not think that last year BBC would have been all over Facebook losing a court case?

For Nigeria. Do you not think all the big media houses would have been all over that death yesterday?  For crying out loud, Nigeria is in OPEC. Do you not know that OPEC is in the media daily?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Information you might not like but could use.

Shooting at Quebec City mosque, reports of multiple wounded

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