Thursday, January 26, 2017

#Missing #Kidnapped kids from #US being held in #Uganda #31years

As you can see from the above, my biggest audience is USA.  Then Uganda where the 2 kidnapped kids are being held.

The other countries also do not believe in kidnapping kids by any one, and not even a parent. 

Uganda has spited USA, EU and Interpol.  The government has refused to return hand over the children to the US Embassy in Kampala, Uganda.

The kidnapper is their mother. She told people that she is Ugandan but Shiela Komuntale (real names are Colette Okanya) is a Congolese from #DRCongo.  Her mother is a powerful woman called Evelyn Komuntale that many Ugandans are scared of.

Yesterday, January 25, 2017  made 2yrs since the two children last saw their father who lives in California.  Both kids are American citizens.

The US has a law, a bill which was passed to return kidnapped kids back home.  Senator Chuck Smith (New Jersey) helped pass the Goldman Act which is meant to cut off all funding to any country which refuses to give back American children.

I am going on a limb here but I surely hope that my American friends can write to all their senators and congressmen and demand for them to enforce the Goldman Act to bring Helena and Henri back home where they belong.  These children should not be held away from their father.

For your information, I have 2 girls with a man from France and I would be crazy to kidnap them and hide them in Uganda (my home country).  I am sure that Hollande would send people to Uganda to get the French kids back.  Well, wait.  They are Canadian. I doubt that Trudeau would sit by and let me hide Rebecca and Natasha in Uganda away from their Canadian father (he also holds Canadian citizenship).  The fact is Canada will not send money to a government which holds Canadian children kidnapped by a parent.

Who said America works like the rest of the world?  USA is happy to keep sending money to Uganda while that government holds 2 of American children and refuses to hand them over.

What makes me annoyed is that all Uganda media knows about these two children and has chosen to be silent about it because they involve a powerful family which is not even a Ugandan family. Imposters.

But for Americans to just ignore it and continue to fund the regime that holds your children kidnapped should worry you. Do you think that the father of the children thought that his children could be taken away for 2years?  This could easily happen to you too if you married outside of your country.  You are up next.

Please spread the word.  We need to bring Helena De Nogueira Ferrao and Henrique De Nogueira Ferrao back to California to their father Charles De Nogueira Ferrao.

The mother has asked for $10,000 cash lumpsum and $2,100 monthly to keep the kids in Uganda.  This is preposterous as it would mean that any of us can kidnap kids and take them away and be rewarded for it.  Luckily the judge in Los Angeles said NOPE. It would set a very dangerous precedent. 

Martha Leah Nangalama
Ugandan by birth, Canadian citizen

#US needs to invoke Goldman Act to return #Kidnapped #American children being held in #Uganda Women and Power: Evelyn Komuntale, helping others through education and scripture

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