Sunday, January 29, 2017

How to fight and weaken dictator #Museveni - #Uganda #31years


Dictators depend on other people to do their dirty job of subjugating citizens. Dictators will never descend on the ground to fight for themselves' arrest, torture or kill their victims directly. Museveni's power is therefore exclusively dependents on others like Elwelu, Kayihura, Kasule Lumumba and most those on social medias defending him.

Those working for dictator Museveni are all cowards and we should direct our anger towards those people because they are easier to get and there are less protected. We should not kill them but let them know that we know who they are and we know their families should we get change of government, they would be arrested.

Once these notorious operatives are singled out, they will think twice before carrying out Museveni's orders. They will be afraid of what may happen to their families. It is so important to target and harass those that carry out Museveni's orders.

Museveni gave us the go ahead to fight his regime when he said he is NOT a servant of the people and he is working for himself to further his political beliefs. We need a president that will work for the people.

People should walk in groups of fives or more and if these criminals carry out dictator Museveni's orders to arrest any of them, they should put up resistance and make as much noises as they can. It is us against the self proclaimed freedom fighter. We never asked Museveni to fight for our freedom. We can do it.


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