Monday, January 30, 2017

From #BuhariDeath to #CanadaVisaLottery - #Uganda #31years

The same geniuses who announced to Ugandans that the president of Nigeria had died in London UK on January 29, 2017 have also announced to Ugandans the "New Canada Lottery Visa program" similar to the now defunct (or soon to be) Visa Lottery program of the United States of Africa (and this is what it will remain till further notice).

People, get serious.  If the Canadian parliament were to approve something like that, I would be all over the case because I am a servant of Ugandans unlike some thugs who shall remain nameless.  In addition, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) would announce it pronto. Unlike UBC (United Bullshit Control) of Uganda, CBC serves the people. The latter serves a bushman.

In all my life in Canada, I have seen only 3 occassions when the government did something outside the normal immigration regulations and brought in a big group of immigrants:
1. Yugoslavia when there was a war and I hear Moslems were being killed (what is with Moslems anyway?).
2. Somalia when people were being killed. I bet they were also Moslems.
3. Haiti after the big earthquake which netted the Clintons a fortune.  Canada sent in a jet to fly adopted orphans in waiting who were stuck in the red tape. Air Canada flew to Haiti and brought back a plane full of children who landed in Montreal.

I think in the Yugoslavia and Somalia cases it might have been one of our military planes or maybe it was commercial flights but the goal was to get people out of the killing fields. No idea why Canada has not sent a jet to Uganda yet being as it is a killing zone too.  Or South Sudan.  Or Eastern #DRCongo.  Maybe because you all let Museveni convince Canada that you got peace and sleep.

Do not go for the FAST easy way out to get into Canada. The process is very clear and fair with no discrimination at all.  One only needs to read and follow the instructions.  You might need Internet Access though and a good grasp of English or French but certainly if you cannot write a 150 word essay for school, the link below is not for you.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS: I immigrated via the Skilled Workers class via Buffalo USA.

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