Friday, January 27, 2017

Col. Mande: No money will make me betray #Uganda #31years

I have watched Uganda media say that Col. Samson Mande made a deal with dictator Museveni and was on his way back home.  I even once saw some publish that he was in Kasese. Mande always said that rumours are started by fools and spread by idiots.  
Mande has never made a deal and never will make a deal. Uganda cadres can hope and pray that in spreading none truths about him he will come out and make a stand.  WRONG.  Freedom fighters do not talk.  They show up when the timing is right.
Below is something that TVO posted on his Facebook timeline.  I am sure that you all remember when Moses Mande died under mysterious circumstances and Samson’s brother.  I even have no idea how many family members freedom fighters lose under dubious circumstances. La lutta continua!
He has been in exile for close to 15 years, and the soldier and liberator in hin still vibrates in his voice, far and wide,I spoke to him today and he told me of how the regime has tried on several occasions to blackmail him, and especially in times of grief when has lost his relatives.
Colonel Mande said he has been offered huge sums of money and job offers by the regime to abandon his mission of seeing a liberated Uganda, but has turned down all, for he said he first held gun at a very tender age to fight Idi Amin, something that was out of conviction and that he has never entered a struggle for the sake of money or positions.
Mande who was in the state of grief, told of how he has lost his adoptive father, his half brother and his wife, his own son who was his first born, and now his father who died yesterday, all in a space of 26 month. ,
Mande said that he has managed to cope with these tragedies by reading through the books authored by Nelson Mandela, in which he says he has learned that sometimes a human being has to endure that extent of personal suffering in order to see better days
Colonel Mande said that every time he suffers a tragedy, some regime people look him up and try to present him with offers, and in the hope that he would be tempted to abandon his struggle for liberation, and fall in their trap.
Mande said that his half brother and his wife and his son all died in mysterious circumstances which he said will one day be investigated.
He disclosed that after his father was pronounced dead, yesterday, some regime official called him trying to offer him all the niceties, if he accepted to go home immediately and bury his father, and that he would be protected, but Mande turned down the offer.

Mande said that he can only go to a free and liberated Uganda, irrespective of who will bring liberation first. He even said that he has informed his relatives that in case he was to pass on, he should never be buried in a Uganda that is still not free.
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