Monday, January 23, 2017

#Cameroon opposition MP arrested by #Biya's security goons

I think Cameroon being in ECOWAS, Biya is setting himself up for the regional body getting involved.  The crisis in Cameroon is not playing a lot of in media but it is bursting as we focus on other hot pockets in Africa.

My Youtube channel has many videos about this as sent from friends in Cameroon.  The blog also has articles about the French vs. English fight for supremacy.

The Francophones really believe that the Anglophones are their God given slaves.  Nothing political like change of government but more like, you cannot get services in English (your primary language).

There is a price to be paid for every time you send out military to kill innocent people, gag their freedom of speech, arrest and torture their children and think you can get away with it.  Change is nigh.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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