Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bongani brings home Sandy - Chapter 5

By Zanton

Amos joined the family on the weekend and is getting ready to start his medical degree at Pretoria University.

Uncle Tabang took him to 'Mr. Price' clothing store to update his look. His cologne is too strong for Sandy and she has asked Amos to put it on away from home.

The helper is already 'counting her eggs before they hatch!' She is indicating 'hotties' to Amos. Amos is afraid of messing up because all the relatives have high hopes in him. His dad back home gave him a long lecture before coming to Pretoria.

Amos already has two kids in the village and he tries to remember his dad's words,"The beautiful ones are not yet born." He has vowed to stay away from wild parties and clubs.

He wants to become a doctor and then get married properly. He is looking for a church where he will volunteer to keep him out of trouble. His family looks after the two kids and that's why he needs to make it to take responsibility.                                        
Uncle Tabang has suggested that Rhonah his wife's sister should get her own place. He is trying to avoid an affair! Angela his wife is very surprised that her husband has allowed the relatives on his side to live with them but her sister can't! She calls her mum and tells her about it.

Her mum supports the idea and advises her to accept it. She says, "he is paying for the room for your sister and giving her a job. " The mum knows that Tabang is avoiding the affair but can't tell Angela. Well Angela agrees and looks for the room so that she and her husband can stay on the same side.

Well Rhonah has arrived.  She has brought organic food like yams, sweet potatoes, vegetables and fish. The food from Malawi will make you fall in love with the cook. The people are kind and friendly. Surprisingly, with the little they have, they are generous people! Rhonah is a girl who loves life and is excited to have her own place.

Quickly after a bath and a meal, Uncle asks Angela to take her to her place. It was also good for the sisters to catch up. Rhonah has an Afrikaner  boy friend that she met at a restaurant in Malawi. As a part-time waitress while studying, her tip included a note with a phone number that day she served Piet Van Rensburg.

Piet came back to the restaurant to look for Rhonah but she had left. After two days Rhonah called and that's when things began. She was excited to come to Pretoria where Piet lived. Piet is well educated and 'down to earth'. He's only dated black women.

When he met Rhonah it was different. So he is also excited about Rhonah living in Pretoria. Therefore, no one needs to worry about any affairs. Angela is quite relieved.  Angela is back home and is making dry fish and yams for dinner. She is cooking while singing Malawi songs.

No one has heard her sing like that before! Uncle thinks something is up but when he is told about Piet he reacts with a smile of relief. The fish is smelling a lot and uncle requests for some meat for dinner. Well, everybody loved the Malawi food except uncle.                                      

Uncle Tabang has budgeted well. He bought getto chips for a snack to entertain the visitors. He has asked Sandy not to eat the getto chips because they contain tatrazine. 'Spatulos' the quarter loaf of bread filled with processed meat are packed and tomorrow is school and work. Only Amos and helper will be home!                                    

Amos has taken a walk to avoid the obsessed helper who suddenly is wearing too much makeup. He is chatting with some Xhosa boys in the neighbourhood that will also be going to Pretoria University. 

 t is after work and school and there is a phone call from Nothemba from CapeTown. Uncle Tabang is wondering where he met Nothemba who talks like she knows the family. She was made pregnant at primary school by Bongani. While pregnant her auntie took her to CapeTown where she had the baby and after carried on with school.

She finished her University and she wanted to find the child's father. She called Bongani's auntie who gave her the uncle's number. Uncle asked Bongani to go with him for a drive and asked him to phone his ex girlfriend. Bongani said she disappeared but that would have become his wife.

Bongani asked uncle for advice and uncle convinced him that he could ask them to visit but needed to talk to Sandy first. Sandy was shocked and asked her husband to take a DNA test.

Nothemba asked Bongani to rather come to Cape Town because there was a lot to discuss. Bongani spoke to his daughter for the first time and decided he was going to Cape Town over the weekend. So next week Bongani will be in CapeTown to see his daughter.

Nothemba has tried to get married to two men but they were both infertile! She wants Bongani back although he hasn't said anything about already being married! They had decided to communicate but now his feelings seem to waver. Is he going to cheat on his wife? Let's wait for him to get to Cape Town.


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