Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#Uganda #Genocide - another #Kasese massacre underway

Another attack this morning at dawn. Check CBS FM. One of our reporters is on the ground. Stay tuned.

Please refer to the following published on January 2, 2017.

Around late November 2016, Museveni ordered the cold blooded killings of over 100 innocent men, women and children in Kasese district.  This was simply because the local Bakonjo tribe had overwhelmingly voted for the opposition and demonstrated extraordinary courage to defend the choice. 
Fearing being accused of crimes against humanity and genocide before the ICC, the Police chief, Gen. Kalekyezi went into hiding. The scheme to entrap the army chief, Gen Katumba flopped when he appeared before the Parliamentary committee and distanced himself from the entire security operations in Kasese.  Feeling cornered, Kalekyezi advised Museveni not to make any comment on the Kasese massacre.
Museveni told the same committee that he had been advised by the "Attorney General" not to make any comments since the matter is before courts of law.  How come the same Attorney General did not advise parliament, the army chief and other regime official who have continued to publicly discuss the matter!!!  How come he invites local leaders from Kasese to discuss with them the same incident!!! 
He is now trying to dissuade these local leaders from pursuing the ICC option.  His insistence that the fate of the King of Rwenzururu will only be determined by court is premised on the fact that the latter's freedom will only be granted in return for dropping the ICC option.  He is too shy to put it clearly.  On the contrary, though weak, the ongoing court process is his only available defence.   It is in this regard that he had to hurriedly dispatch his Attorney General to The Hague based ICC in order to 'pour some cold water'.
During the early days of the Northern and Eastern Uganda insurgency, Museveni's army would commit heinous war crimes against civilians and he would come out to chest thump thus:  ".... we massacred them, we butchered, ......I've never heard about the Geneva Convention, ........we tie their hands behind (kandoya) etc.". 
However, as the insurgency evolved and it became public knowledge that his army was committing war crimes, he resorted to his old Bush War schemes.  Any public outcry would be proceeded by a nasty massacre allegedly by the insurgents such that attention would be diverted from his own atrocities.  
Indeed, the scheme was a big success in that we saw the LRA being indicted by the ICC.  During the ADF insurgency in Western Uganda, there was the infamous Kichwamba massacre allegedly by the ADF and this particular incident has proved a major weapon in persecution of Muslims.  However, the regime is worried of the unresolved question of who ordered the gruesome and savagery massacre of over 100 people in Kasese.  
Ugandans of all walks of life are convinced that the Kasese massacre was a deliberate action against innocent civilians. It is worth noting that even the regime in its panicky mood allowed Bishops and Imams to preside over the mass burial of alleged 'terrorists' at Rukooki Saza grounds. 
The regime is feeling more pressure when all places of worship in the country indirectly condemn the massacre by dedicating the festive season to Kasese. The regime has charged more than 100 so called terrorists but have not produced 13 suspects that it's holding in undisclosed locations. 
These 13 are undergoing blackmail and brainwashing so that they can be turned into state witnesses.  Therefore, there is a high possibility that the regime could be hatching to stage manage a grand massacre in the region that will be blamed on the Rwenzururu militants.  That way, attention will be drawn away from the November 2016 massacre.
Already, Andrew Mwenda is hypocritically spearheading the psychological preparations assisted by the regime's online mouthpiece, Chimpreports.
Watch out the people of Kasese and Tooro, watch out Ugandans; it is not yet over until it is over.

#Uganda government is planning a stage managed terror attack to massacre more #Kasese

#Trump #MuslimBan


#Uganda #31years #Oil company #Total employees go on strike

This article is on the Chimpreports website.

Ugandan Staffers at oil and gas exploration company, Total E&P have declared industrial action against the management who they claim have ignored their grievances that have been raised since 2013.
In a letter sent amongst national staff members of the company, which ChimpReports has seen, the disgruntled staffers have organized a demonstration where they will “turn off workstations” and ‘excuse’ themselves from any company related work at exactly 10:00am on Wednesday, February 1st.
Among the grievances they claim have been ignored include review of salaries and benefits for Ugandan nationals, Training and career development for Ugandan nationals and company leadership.
In the letter, staffers noted that a 14 member review committee was constituted to look into the issues raised in the 2015 survey, and that the committee submitted the actions to the company director in June 2016.
“As minuted in the meeting, management promised to discuss these actions and get back to the committee and the staff,” reads part of the letter.
“Subsequent to that, the committee actions were again presented by the HR during the staff retreat on September 2nd, 2016. The General Manager committed himself to own the actions and execute them. The General Manager further committed to have theactions implemented by January 2017.”
According to the letter, the deadlines set have passed and no effort has been made to follow up or execute any of the committee’s actions.
“Management is unwilling, dishonest, disrespectful and have shown no interest to honour their promises and deadlines. Management has taken national staff for a ride with lip service and no action,” the letter furtherreads.
They say that they will assemble at the fire assembly point until Management comes up with signed papers stipulating the dates when all their issues will be handled.
“We shall be there until a signed declaration for immediate review of salaries and benefits for nationals with clearly stated timelines that will be reflected on national staff bank accounts by February 2017; a signed declaration stating the deadline by which national staff should know their training and career development path and a signed declaration adoptingall recommended actions concerning communication and leadership in the affiliate.”
ChimpReports was unable to get a response from Total E&P management about the matter by publication time.


#Uganda #31years - national exam results UCE (O' Level)

In 2013, kids from my home Bugisu did very badly on the PLE (national Primary Leaving Exams) like you have no idea.

Instead of lashing out at the exams which I hate, I talked to a teacher. Karim Nanyiri teaches English Literature at Mbale S.S. He has a bachelor in education, a Masters in Education and a Masters in Linguistics. I asked him why our people had failed.

Karim suggested that we set up tutoring to prepare kids for national exams. I had been previously involved in education by supplying yearly all school supplies to Bududa PS.

I followed Karim's idea and we set up 3 tutoring centres in Bugisu.

Karim and Sulaiti ran one. My nephew Mwenyi ran the one in Bududa.  We wanted to see results from if kids were tutored.

Ladies and gentlemen, numbers do not lie. Mbale S.S scored well.


Mbale Secondary School Division I - 85; Div II 167; Div III 218 (Best scorers 2 each getting Aggregates 10 for 8)

Bugisu High School Division I - 10; Div II 33; Div III 34 (Best scorer Aggregates 21 for 8)

Nkoma Secondary School Division I - 17; Div II 59; (Best scorer Aggregates 15 for 8)

Mbale Comprehensive High School Division I - 03; Division II 14; the rest to be confirmed later

Hamdan Girls' High School Division I - 19; Div II 35; Div III 28 (Best scorer Aggregates 15 for 8)

Mbale High School Division I - 03; the rest to be confirmed later.

St. Paul's College Mbale Division I - 27; Division II - 48; Division 19

Bukonde Secondary School Division I - 00; Division II - 02; Division III - 05

Nabumali High School Division I - 33; Div II 67; Div III 42 (Best scorer Aggregates 14 for 8)

We are yet to look for more schools' postings including;

Bufumbo Secondary School,
Wanale Secondary School,
Nabumali Secondary School,
Nyondo Secondary School,
St. Mary's College (former Elgon High School),
Wanale View SS,
Mt. Masaba High School,
Mbale Progressive SS,
University Link High School,
Grace SS,
Town side High School,
Manafwa High School,
Oxford High School,
Nkoma High School,
Malukhu High School,
Joy Secondary School,
[31/01, 3:35 p.m.] Karim: Mulembe yaya.
[31/01, 3:36 p.m.] Karim: Ever since we did our tutorials up in Bukonde, Bumalunda Primary School has maintained Division One posting.
[31/01, 3:37 p.m.] Karim: They appreciated our efforts and spirit.
[31/01, 3:37 p.m.] Karim: They still appreciate.

THIS IS HOW WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The tutors were all volunteers. The teaching rooms were from the school or district.

We cannot lament about kids doing badly if we do not invest in education.  Museveni is one person.  We are many and can give of us.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton Canada
I attended Bududa PS, Namugongo PS and Namagunga SS.


Monday, January 30, 2017

#Sports for kids is nothing short of amazing, #NB411 #Canada

The conversation last night after our little one returned from the tournament in Halifax (Atlantic provinces, 4 provinces).

How did it go?

Mom, it was so bad I cannot even cry about it. I checked out all my competitors and could not pull up anything on this girl.  She had only won gold in Sackville up the street and in Truro Nova Scotia.

Mintra and I beat her and her partner like you have no idea.  Andrew and I beat her and her mixed double partner.  So heading into day 3 playing against her in singles, I was so sure I could beat her.  But this girl was unreal.  She kept me running for everything.  I did not see that coming. She is exceptional in singles.  I am good at doubles because Mintra and I have been playing together for years and Andrew and I have been playing together for 2 years.

What really got me annoyed was I could not predict any move from her.  I was so exhausted. In the end I could not even cry.  That girl is really good.

Natasha got a silver in Singles for girls after the alien kid whooped her.  She got gold with Mintra in doubles and these two usually play wonderfully together.  She got a silver in mixed doubles with Andrew.  These two usually play well together.

But life is not always predictable.  After all the research on the other kids, we had no idea a kid from the village up the street was better. Learning lesson but no lesson lost.

We proceeded to count the medals and she pulled one onto the side saying "that was not justified. They only gave it to me because there were not enough boys so I had to play against the boys and then one girl and whooped the girl so they gave me gold. I would have whooped the girls anyway but they should have based the medal on how I beat some boys". Ahem.

The picture includes Natasha. She plays for the Moncton club and the school club. Kids have to work so hard. Keep their grades up, do sports and have part time jobs when not in school or in sports or other activities.  The piano, voice and guitar lessons have been dropped.

In the end, it is not because a kid won a medal.  It is when the kid says "I lost to a person who could play the game better than me so I just have to improve.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Moncton Badminton Club

#MoslemBan #Canada #NAFTA #Trump - #WelcomeToCanada where #Hockey is King

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

Hon. Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister
Ottawa, Canada

January, 30, 2017

Ref: Were it not for immigrants Native Indians would own everything in Canada and USA.

Dear Hon. Justin Trudeau, I am writing to you about the US ban on people from Islamic countries.

I would not normally care but I have many Moslem friends.

The US ban on immigrants from Moslem countries is something that most Canadians oppose. A huge percentage of Americans also oppose the ban.

I thank you and our governement for welcoming 35,000 Syrian refugees. The only country that got more was Germany and Hon. Angela Merkel is being crucified for it.  It does not help that Germany has had many terrorist attacks so the minority who challenge the German government decision on the Syrian immigrants are justtified somewhat.

In any case, Merkel and the German people will go down in history for defying the norm. With the Germans we must stand.

USA's Trump passes an Executive order to ban Muslims.  You are in media saying they the banned should consider Canada. I am on record for telling people to choose Canada as a destination.

We then get an attack in a mosque. We are not phased. For sure, we are under scrutiny.  Other countries could learn from one of the most none discriminating countries, a country so inclusive it only asks what you need to belong.  And most times all you need is say "where can I help?"

Just think about the insults hurled at Mexico. Let Trump negotiate NAFTA. We did not even like it when Mulroney signed it but came to accept it.

Now that we are all the 3 amigos, let us stand with Mexico.  Let us get every Mexican facing deportation from the US into Canada.  USA needs our oil anyway. Our lumber. Our natural gas. Our contribution to all their invasions of other countries with us showing up as peace keepers.  US needs our scientists.  US needs their kids to attend universities in Canada for $25,000 per year instead of their equivalent of $65,000.

USA needs our medical research from Toronto to Winnipeg.  US needs Canada. Sure we also need them but if we sell out and abandon our values of inclusive and get in bed with them on the ban on Islam immigrants, we go against the core values of what makes Canada a great country. We betray our children and grandchildren. We betray our parents, grand parents and great grand parents.  Canada is made of the strength of immigrants and we have much to show to the world for who we are.

Do you remember that hockey game in Toronto when a mic failed and the Spangled anthem could not be sung by the Americans in attendance?  Canada sung it.  We sung.  We sing even in the face of our fiercest enemy.  We sung for America. Surely we can rise up above all this.  Do not let the Keystone pipeline deter you from who we are.  After all, America needs that pipeline more than Canada.  They have even forgotten that if they ban immigrants, they will have to pick their own berries and tomatoes and work in their own factories.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.
PS: over 10,000 homes still have no electricity in the province of New Brunswick.


Military lends hand to victims of New Brunswick ice storm

#Uganda #31years - The wonder of Dr. Kizza #Besigye @FDCOfficial1

I now join all the fools on social media who think highly of Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Most Ugandans know that I am one of Besigye's biggest critics.  The smart ones know that I criticize the strategy and PR.

Dr. Besigye has not only endangered his life and his reputation as a medical doctor, he has also endangered many who support him.

I have watched with interest some Museveni apologists call his supporters as fools but we are not fazed.  I now say I am one of them because I have always been in their camp. Some of his supporters did not see me in that light as I was opposition which needs to be united and have asked for respect for Mbabazi and Dr. Kiyingi.

Where we have gone wrong is to put all our hopes in one man.  Besigye has fought for decades to enlighten us and I think he has done a good job.  But every time he is incarcerated, what do we do?  In most countries, if the leader was imprisoned, we would burn down everything in sight.  Besigye has never called for violence and never will. He has only called all of us to awake from our slumber.

Yes, in the past we had the walk to work but our people were shot dead.  Now he calls for defiance and some of you think that we should go out and march.  We do not have to march.  We only have to stay at home.  Look at Cameroon.  Cameroon has ghost towns simply for the people staying at home.

Ugandans complain about all the foreign owned businesses and the ones owned by the first family and their friends and yet go out daily to give them business and money.  STAY AT HOME for a week and then you will see why dictator Paul Biya in Cameroon is unhappy.

When it comes to Mbabazi, DP and all opposition, do you people not realise that if the opposition for Gambia were not united and chosen to back one candidate, Jammeh would still be in Gambia?

The fact is outside forces cannot help us when we are dead set on fighting each other.

Besigye is a good man.  But wakyili at least his die hard supporters also have to know that they are not the only brains in town.

Tactfully we need to help him get settled into his retirement and out of all these daily arrests.  He could even teach in the medical school in Uganda but I bet many countries would love him to go abroad and teach as well.  So why does he face the violence in Uganda?  It is because we rely far too much on him and he knows he cannot bail out now.  Let us bail him out.

When we get the hacked accounts of the 3 people who work with TVO or the lady in Canada so that we have those 4 squarely down, maybe we could ask them to help us free ourselves.  Until then, you are on your own bayaye mwe!

You might want to know that I am the only person who has the polling station results from the February 2016 election results on the Internet.  Thanks to Musisi Green who kept feeding me them. FDC won by 73%.  I published everything as I was getting it.  None paid because I do not work for money.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
#ProudToServe and #TeamKBProud


#Soccer #EPL - #ManU 4 - 0 Wigan Athletic (Review)

By Hason Mutunzi (Rwenzori Times). He forgot to sign it with his usual MANCHESTER DIEHARD. We could be winning him over to Arsenal or Chelsea. 

Ex-United reserves coach Warren Joyce returned to Old Trafford, this time as manager of championship side Wigan Athletic. The match promised to be interesting as United played Fosu-Mensah, and players like Tuanzebe and Pereira coming on in the second half; Rashford was also on the bench, players who were managed by Joyce during his time at United.

Changes were made in United's staring XI as Bastian Schweinsteiger was making his first United start in over a year. Fosu-Mensah playing as right-back, Shaw making his return after injury. Rooney playing up-front and Martial, Mata and Mkhitaryan behind him, a strong line up with Smalling and Rojo in defense and Fellaini playing in midfield.

The first-half was a difficult one, the opposite team started the match focused and they were playing at high tempo. United players seemed to be a little nervous during the first minutes of the game. Thankfully, defense looked solid but midfield seemed to be weak, Fellaini making some fouls and Schweinsteiger losing the ball easily. Wigan players were causing major problems to United.

As the minutes passed United players started to take control little by little, and that was a result of the patience our players had. Championship sides usually can't keep playing 90 minutes at that tempo and that also helped us. With a team is playing well at defense, the usual options are to go through the defensive wall with fast passing or with high-balls. We did both and a high-ball from Schweinsteiger led to Fellaini's goal.

Second-half was easier, Fellaini's goal raised the team and we were in control of the match. Smalling's goal made things easier still because Wigan was forced to go outside their box and create chances. When a team is forced to try to score goals, they leave a lot of space in the back and that could make things easier for the other team and that was the case. Wigan tried to score a goal and there was a lot of space in their defense, a nice counter-attack led to Mkhitaryan's goal.

The fourth goal was a result of United's dominance, and we couldn't be happier for Bastian. Schweinsteiger wasn't perfect at the start of the match, but he grew up in confidence and totally bossed midfield, he gave an assist and scored a goal. Mourinho told the press thathe will be added to Europa League's squad so hopefully he can rotate with Carrick in the upcoming matches.

There are some things that should be highlighted. In first-half there were 15 fouls given to Wigan, and only 2 given to United, it's getting annoying to have this issues with the refs lately; hopefully it will be investigated at the end of the season.  Patience paid off, United kept composure the whole match, even when we were under attack. It's a shame Fosu-Mensah came off injuried, because he did an amazing job and hopefully he will get more minutes this season.

Congratulations to Bastian for that amazing performance, we all feel happy for him and want to see him more often.

Sir-Mutunzi Hason Cente


Thousands in #NewBrunswick #Canada still have no electricity - army called in

A Ugandan friend living in Alberta sent me a message on Friday asking me if our family had electricity back.  I did not reply to her. Wapi, I needed her to be worried.  In any case, I think she is the lady that was mentioned by some Ugandan that she works for TVO and TVO's helpers.  I got power back after 3 days by the way.

Last night a friend from London UK (a Ugandan) asked me if I had not been killed in the Quebec Mosque attack.  I did not reply.  Because first of all this friend is annoying and he knows I do not live in Quebec and I do not go to Mosques. Earlier, I had blocked him on WhatsApp and then he had sent a message "I heard you were arrested. Mwenda exposed you as working with TVO".  With friends like these, who needs enemies?  So I unblocked him on WhatsApp and his next message was "So you have come out of DEFIANCE?"

In reality, people do care. I am finding that more and more Ugandans are paying attention to global affairs, world news.  Because what happens elsewhere affects us all.  Right now the big thing is on the US immigration ban.  Ugandans are paying attention.  Some hours ago I shared information about Canada. I beg you to read it and know that Canada is a welcoming place and has none of those tramp things that ban people out for their religion, race or colour or whatever.  But a joke is going around that if immigrants were banned, Trump would not have wives. Ahem.

Now on this Power outage, as I write this, 17,000 homes have no power. The temperature is rather pleasant so no one is freezing yet.  It is day 7. The temperature is -5 to -16 degrees celcius. You think you have problems?  Try wearing 5 layers of clothes to keep warm, cooking on fire if you do have firewood and a wood stove or kids whose schools are in places with power but the kids cannot take a shower to get onto the school bus to go for their exams this week (pushed over from last week as most schools had no electricity).  But the whole school thing is not a worry because education is over rated.  Look at all the school drop outs who are billionaires!

By the way, there are warming centres for those who have no electricity. The warming centres have free showers, hot drinks and charging places for gadgets.  In addition, most every community has free WIFI on the main roads, restaurants, libraries, hotel lobbies, etc..  The fire department and ambulances are on stand by for medical emergencies. No hospitals have cancelled any surgeries because of the power outage.  Uganda has a few things to learn.

We are having warnings on TV stations and phone broadcasts about reducing the load on the electricity for those who have it and carbon monoxide poisoning because some people are running generators in closed spaces and even none well ventilated fire places.  Stay tuned.

The province of New Brunswick has the highest tides in the world.  Hopewell Rocks. Picture attached.  The link about these tides is on the bottom.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada


N.B. power outages expected to continue throughout the week: premier
CTV Atlantic
Published Sunday, January 29, 2017 6:28PM AST
Officials in New Brunswick say difficult working conditions prevented crews from hitting their goal of restoring 80 per cent power Saturday night, and the premier expects the blackouts to continue well into this week.

Sunday marked the sixth day many New Brunswickers remained off the grid. As of 5 p.m., more than 26,000 are still in the dark.

At its peak, more than 150,000 were off the grid, with seven communities declaring states of emergency.

“We have the backbone,” said NB Power president Gaetan Thomas. “We have hospitals, we have all the sub stations powered, we have most of the main feeds powered, so today we had the gas stations, the stores, people can get water.”

Most of the outages remain along the Acadian Peninsula. In many areas, the buzz of generators fill the air.

Two people have died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, while the number of residents in hospital has shot up.

“The number of people being treated, or have been treated for suspected in hospital for illnesses suspected to be related to carbon monoxide, is 31,” said New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant.

Military looking at helping N.B. storm victims: premier.

Officials warn N.B. residents to take precautions against carbon monoxide poisoning
Two dead, two hospitalized as a result of N.B. ice storm.

Communities like Shippagan, Lameque, and Pidgeon Hill have seen whole blocks of power poles collapse. NB Power says as many as 400 new poles will be needed province-wide.

Up to 150 troops from the Canadian Armed Forces will be deployed to the hardest hit parts of the province in the next 24 hours, clearing debris, handing out supplies, and conducting well-being checks. There is no timeline for how long they will stay in the region.

Part of the challenge now is preparing people for what could happen when the power comes back on.

“While you're waiting for your power to come back on, unplug things. Turn off lights, and other things of that matter,” Gallant said. <<Brian Gallant is the Premier of the province of New Brunswick.  I shared about provinces and territories earlier and how each has a Premier, like a governor for the United States of Africa.>>

“We are reactivating the system,” said Thomas. “Some of your neighbours are doing it with their own generators, and if it's not wired properly, it can backfeed on the line and you can end up receiving a shock – a fatal shock – if the line is laying on the ground.”

As light fades, 350 crews will try to meet their new target of restoring power to 60 per cent of the Acadian Peninsula.

Warming centres will remain open, and all schools have been shut down in the area for at least Monday and Tuesday.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Cami Kepke.
N.B. power outages expected to continue throughout the week: premier

Bay of Fundy - Discover Canada's Natural Wonder

What is in a name in #Africa?


#Uganda #31years - State House employees run out of data for #Museveni's propaganda

Museveni Media Team Grappling with Data Shortage – Leaked Email.

Elite State House media team, the Presidential Press Unit (PPU) has been struggling with data issues since February 2016, PC Tech understands.

The crisis was disinterred in a leaked email sent on Wednesday January 25th and addressed to a Ven Keeya, one of the senior members of the PPU.

Also copied in the email was Senior Presidential Press Secretary, Don Wanyama and Presidential Secretary, Linda Wamboka Nabusaayi.

According to the email sent by a PPU photographer (Name withheld), the unit was promised monthly data during elections time (February 2016) but up to now nothing has been done about the same.

“I am so sorry about sending the pictures late but as you are aware, we are facing a data challenge. We were promised monthly data since campaign time, until now.  Hope it comes soon,” reads part of the email.

The issue is believed to have hampered service delivery in the President’s media team, as evidenced by delayed relay of important information about State House activity to different media outlets.

In Uganda, the Presidential Press Unit is the primary source of news happening inside State House since Media Houses aren’t allowed to deploy reporters in the country’s most guarded facility.

When contacted, Senior Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama declined to comment on the development saying “it’s an inhouse issue that is not meant for public consumption.”

“You can contact the person who sent the email and ask him exactly what he meant but I cannot make a comment on such an issue that needs to be resolved from inside. It’s not for public consumption,” Wanyama said on phone.


Museveni Media Team Grappling with Data Shortage - Leaked Email

#Uganda #31years is full of wimps - #MuseveniPakalast

I count myself among the wimps so do not feel insulted alone. We are all to blame.

Imagine in a span of 2 months Museveni has done the following and we just watch and do nothing:

1) Committed a genocide on the people of Kasese bt ordering a massacre of a population.

2) He has promoted all those who committed the massacre.

3) He has reshuffled the military, police and intelligence organisations to move people into positions they are not qualified for or to reward his friends or to punish those who do not commit his crimes against humanity.

4) Various international companies departed prior to this but just now Airtel is exiting Uganda.

5) This is happening in the face of a sh.7B handshake and STUPID order, URA, UNRA, NSSF missing funds as well as use Uememe.

6) He has imprisoned a king.  The king of Kasese, well King Charles Wesley Mumbere while torturing his servants with 2 guards so far killed in Nalufenya dungeons and now I hear the King is appearing with Mukula (ADF) for terrorism or treason or whatever else Museveni fancies, hence rendering the Judiciary totally useless.

7) Kanyamunyu has gotten away with murder.

8) Minister of defense (ex.) of the Kasese area, one Kiyonga, is being sent into exile.

9). Busoga King is now a servant and Basoga held a celebration.  WHAT THE????

10) Museveni is on live camera telling all of us he is not a servant.  He does not work for Ugandans.  You must get it out of your head that he serves.

Mukule mubone!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Nange ndi mukoowu!


From #BuhariDeath to #CanadaVisaLottery - #Uganda #31years

The same geniuses who announced to Ugandans that the president of Nigeria had died in London UK on January 29, 2017 have also announced to Ugandans the "New Canada Lottery Visa program" similar to the now defunct (or soon to be) Visa Lottery program of the United States of Africa (and this is what it will remain till further notice).

People, get serious.  If the Canadian parliament were to approve something like that, I would be all over the case because I am a servant of Ugandans unlike some thugs who shall remain nameless.  In addition, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) would announce it pronto. Unlike UBC (United Bullshit Control) of Uganda, CBC serves the people. The latter serves a bushman.

In all my life in Canada, I have seen only 3 occassions when the government did something outside the normal immigration regulations and brought in a big group of immigrants:
1. Yugoslavia when there was a war and I hear Moslems were being killed (what is with Moslems anyway?).
2. Somalia when people were being killed. I bet they were also Moslems.
3. Haiti after the big earthquake which netted the Clintons a fortune.  Canada sent in a jet to fly adopted orphans in waiting who were stuck in the red tape. Air Canada flew to Haiti and brought back a plane full of children who landed in Montreal.

I think in the Yugoslavia and Somalia cases it might have been one of our military planes or maybe it was commercial flights but the goal was to get people out of the killing fields. No idea why Canada has not sent a jet to Uganda yet being as it is a killing zone too.  Or South Sudan.  Or Eastern #DRCongo.  Maybe because you all let Museveni convince Canada that you got peace and sleep.

Do not go for the FAST easy way out to get into Canada. The process is very clear and fair with no discrimination at all.  One only needs to read and follow the instructions.  You might need Internet Access though and a good grasp of English or French but certainly if you cannot write a 150 word essay for school, the link below is not for you.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS: I immigrated via the Skilled Workers class via Buffalo USA.



Apply to immigrate to Canada

#QuebecMosqueShooting in #Canada #MoslemBan - #Uganda #31years, #Nigeria #Buhari

There were 40 people in the mosque. Two arrests have been made and this information is still in progress as the story was running all night.  As of this now, there are 6 dead and 9 wounded in the Quebec City mosque attack. CBC and various other media outlets. The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it is a terrorist attack.

Before you go on about how Moslems are dangerous, remember Canada took in 35,000 Syrian refugees and USA took in 10,000. Canada welcomes people from every country and religion. I hear your #TVO might even be in Canada!

Canada has 9 provinces and 3 territories.  You can think of them like States in the United States of Africa which it will be by the time the Tramp is done with it.

Each provimce is lead by a Premier. Think of a premier like a Governor for a State in USA. Elected every 4yrs. Provinces and territories have provincial laws. More like State laws. These laws do not superceded Federal laws but can be in addition to Federal laws.

Canada is a Bilingual country. English and French. One needs both in order tp get a great govt job. But both are not mandatory. Only recommended. All schools teach both and Immersion scbools offer subjects in both. Only a small percentage do immersion. It is the Province of New Brunswick (NB) which is mandated by law to have French Immersion schools in every community. Because it is the only fully Bilingual province. The others are English or French and if you want service in the language not offered at that location, I am sorry maybe try the office in the next town. Or come back tomorrow when a French speaking employee is working. Or in MacDonalds in Quebec you get a blank look when you order food in English. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„. Sometimes. The look is more like "are you stupid? This is a French province!".

The capital city for Quebec is Quebec. In like Quebec City. It is not Montreal but Montreal is the commercial capital being very big. But almost like Vancouver being the biggest city in British Columbia (BC) yet Victoria is the capital city.

The capital of Canada (It is a Federation) is Ottawa.

The capital of NB is not Moncton. It is Fredericton. Moncton is the Commercial Capital with the biggest international airport in the province.

But Toronto is the biggest city, commercial city and biggest airport in Canada. It has 5m+ residents. It used to be the 10th biggest city in North America when Chimpanzee published an article that a Ugandan was running for mayor for the number 1 city in North America (USA and Canada). What monkeys.

CampusBee and all Uganda media went on and on about a Ugandan girl being elected Guild president in a University in Canada. That was a lie. Niagara College is a small inconspicuous community college in the a small city. Compared to Uganda, Busoga University is more famous than Niagara College.

The president of Nigeria did not die on January 29, 2017 according to some Ugandans who spread trash in trashy WhatsApp groups.

Neither did Muwema win a court injunction to have #TVO's identity revealed in late 2016 according to Daily Monitor. A lie which all the Uganda media picked up because A BIG MEDIA HOUSE WAS RUNNING THE STORY AND WE ALSO HAD TO RUN IT.  Chimpanzee amazed me. They did not run the story. Pat King knew I would have crucified him as I had done on the Biggest city. Roger issued a correction the next day. The other media houses did not.

A media lie or any of us reporting false information makes us lose credibility. The obligation of a reporter, journalist, news writer or activist is to report TRUTH. Where one is not sure, you indicate that you are not sure and are still investigating or waiting for more details to add.  Where you report a story and find out later that it was not true and this is usually when your source reports to you something that might not be true, you issue an apology. We are all human beings and mistakes are acceptable but we must say sorry when we make a mistake.

Back to TVO and Buhari. Do you not think that last year BBC would have been all over Facebook losing a court case?

For Nigeria. Do you not think all the big media houses would have been all over that death yesterday?  For crying out loud, Nigeria is in OPEC. Do you not know that OPEC is in the media daily?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Information you might not like but could use.


Shooting at Quebec City mosque, reports of multiple wounded

Sunday, January 29, 2017

#Uganda #31years - people power can overthrow #Museveni


There is a saying that goes, if you are not rich at least die fighting to become rich. It is not easy to fight dictator Museveni but that does not mean that we cannot be successful. I will give you an example of a larger tree in the forest. You may wonder if that big tree would ever come down. If we cut its branches one at a time and dig up its roots, that big tree would come down in a hurry.

By going after Museveni's supporters, Museveni does not stand a chance. This is what we should do, those that have pictures of those carrying out dictator Museveni's orders to torture us, their pictures must be posted on a flier with their names as one who carries out Museveni's orders.

Museveni put his hand on the Bible and swore to work for the people of Uganda and on January 25th, he said he is not working for us which is an impeachable offense. If the Mpigs cannot do their jobs then it's the citizens duty to do the needful. Many Ugandans lost their lives in the past concluded elections for what?

This madness must stop. Let's go after these little branches and roots to bring down a big tree. When we are fighting to overthrow the regime, we are not fighting president Museveni but fighting a certified liar who lied to us that he was going to serve and protect us. It's on the record of what he said.

We don't need a freedom fighter but a president. As I said Museveni rules the country as a rebel leader and he proved me right when he said what he said on January 25th.



How to fight and weaken dictator #Museveni - #Uganda #31years


Dictators depend on other people to do their dirty job of subjugating citizens. Dictators will never descend on the ground to fight for themselves' arrest, torture or kill their victims directly. Museveni's power is therefore exclusively dependents on others like Elwelu, Kayihura, Kasule Lumumba and most those on social medias defending him.

Those working for dictator Museveni are all cowards and we should direct our anger towards those people because they are easier to get and there are less protected. We should not kill them but let them know that we know who they are and we know their families should we get change of government, they would be arrested.

Once these notorious operatives are singled out, they will think twice before carrying out Museveni's orders. They will be afraid of what may happen to their families. It is so important to target and harass those that carry out Museveni's orders.

Museveni gave us the go ahead to fight his regime when he said he is NOT a servant of the people and he is working for himself to further his political beliefs. We need a president that will work for the people.

People should walk in groups of fives or more and if these criminals carry out dictator Museveni's orders to arrest any of them, they should put up resistance and make as much noises as they can. It is us against the self proclaimed freedom fighter. We never asked Museveni to fight for our freedom. We can do it.



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Thousands still with no power in #NewBrunswick - day 6

NB Power president Gaetan Thomas says it is going to take more time to restore power on the Acadian Peninsula than was previously thought.

The utility had hoped to have power restored to 80 per cent of its customers on the Acadian Peninsula by Sunday night. But on Sunday morning, Thomas revised that estimate, saying that only 60 per cent will be reconnected by Monday night.

As of 5 p.m. AT there were still over 17,000 without power on the Acadian Peninsula. School has been cancelled Monday and Tuesday in the region.

Thomas said there are 350 to 400 hydro poles to be replaced, double the number previously thought, because poles are still breaking and falling under the weight of the ice.

Thomas is calling this week's ice storm "the worst crisis in our history for our customers."

He says it's worse than tropical storm Arthur partly because this is happening in the winter.

An ice storm Tuesday and Wednesday downed trees, power lines and hydro poles and cut off electricity to households across the province.

NB Power spokesman Brent Staeban said the number of customers out at the same time peaked at 133,000 on Thursday but there have been close to 200,000 customers affected in total, making it equivalent to Arthur in terms of magnitude.

"What makes this even more difficult than Arthur is the extremely challenging icy conditions and ice build-up on our infrastructure as well as the wider geographic impact than Arthur with more people hit in outlying areas."

When Hurricane Arthur occurred in July 2014 there were 195,000 NB Power customers that lost power with simultaneous outages peaking at 140,000.

Thousands still without power

More than 30,000 customers in New Brunswick are without power for a sixth day in a row. Most of the remaining outages are on the Acadian Peninsula.

More than 20,000 customers in that region woke up Sunday morning still in the dark, some with no heat and lights in their homes and businesses. Power is slowly being restored to the some areas in the region.

NB Power president Gaetan Thomas says the number of power poles that have to be replaced is double what was expected. (Pierre-Alex Bolduc/Radio Canada)

Further south, in the Miramichi region, more than 4,200 are still without power.  In Kent county, about 3,600 people are without power, and in the Moncton area, about 2,800 people still can't turn on their lights.

NB Power says they were able to reconnect 32,000 customers Saturday, including 6,000 on the Acadian Peninsula.

Thomas said thick ice on the lines delayed switching the power on to more customers. He added crews had to break off the ice with sticks and in some cases, damaged fuses had to be replaced.

Crews from NB Power and other utilities in Eastern Canada and Maine are assisting in the effort to restore power.

States of emergency were declared in Sainte-Marie-Saint-RaphaΓ«​l, Le Goulet, Tracadie, Shippagan and Lameque.

People are making use of wood stoves and generators to provide heat to their homes. Others are going to warming centres and emergency shelters set up by the Canadian Red Cross, municipalities and volunteers. There were 46 shelters set up across the province, with more than half on the Acadian Peninsula.

NB Power says their targets are to have 85 per cent of customers in the Miramichi region connected Sunday night. The target for Kent County has been adjusted to also have 85 per cent of customers online by Sunday night.

Military called in

At a news conference Sunday in Shippigan, at one of the warming centres, Premier Brian Gallant said between 100 and 150 troops will arrive in the province within the next 24 hours to help with recovery efforts.

Gallant said members of the Canadian Armed Forces will be deployed to the areas of the province affected most severely by Tuesday's ice storm, which likely includes the Acadian Peninsula where almost 20,000 people are still without power.

A reconnaissance team from the Canadian Armed Forces was in the Acadian Peninsula Saturday to determine what kind of support could be offered.  A report was expected by the end of the day on what assistance could be provided.

Gallant had told media Saturday the province had discussions with the federal government about the possibility of bringing the military in to help. A formal request was made Friday by Public Safety Minister Denis Landry.

Ralph Goodale, minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, said in a statement the federal government remained ready to provide any additional assistance required to ensure the province had the necessary resources to address the impacts of this disaster.

​There have been two deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning and seven people are being treated in hospital.

People are being reminded of the dangers of using generators or barbecues indoors as it is extremely dangerous.

Schools cancelled, trails closed

School has been cancelled for students on the Acadian Peninsula on Monday and Tuesday. A decision will be made later to determine if cancellations will be necessary for the rest of the week.

All trails at the Kouchibouguac National Park are closed as staff evaluate the damage from the ice storm and repair the trails.

Volunteer crews from snowmobile clubs are also working to help clear downed trees from snowmobile and ATV trails in areas hit by the ice storm.


NB Power says many customers in the dark won't be reconnected by Monday

#Uganda #31years - rogue regime now threatens to hack activist accounts

Saturday January 28, 2017 was hit and miss. Someone said they had hacked Facebook accounts of 3 people who work with notorious #TVO and were to disclose a lady in Canada who helps them.

First of all that message should have been taken as bluff.  Because it was bluff. Had the person hacked those 3 gentlemen who were mentioned, believe me, he would have disclosed it all.  AND had the person been sure of the lady in Canada, he would have put it out.

I have friends asking me if my account was hacked or could be hacked and I have told them nope.

It is not because my account cannot be hacked to disclose my conversations with Ugandans or my information. In any case, all my information is public (try Google).

What concerns me is my friends going into panic mode that I have been hacked or could be hacked.

The 128 bit encryption which Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, WhatsApp and other social media engines use is a bit hard to hack.  There are ways around this but Uganda's minister of ICT is not an astronaut.

The easiest way to hack an account is to send someone an App that they install without realising its use.  The App will then record every key stroke and get your password and then your password will be used to log into all your other accounts.

That could be easy but Facebook and others have a script running that notices that you are not logging in from your area and they lock your account and send you a message to unlock your account.  They normally do this via email or SMS. I think the unlock is 30mins so if Ugandans have to take the boda boda for 2hrs to go to an internet cafe, it means your account will not be accessed.  If they succeed, you will have a hard time convincing Facebook that I am in Bweyogerere and using my phone number which is registered on a service provider in Canada and I have not told my Telco that I am travelling away from Moncton Canada (because I usually have to buy international roaming data).

But let us say that I got hacked for real bearing the above, all my communication is consistent. I do not say anything which is not public.  All chats are about the same things and wakyili if whoever says they hacked me discloses it, it will be on media and the world will know that I am consistent.

For now, please be assured that I am not hacked and whoever tries will have their hands full and after s/he is done, they will have to deal with me because I will then hack them. I bet they have more to hide from the world than what I have to write about.

Martha Leah Nangalama
IT Analyst and social media activist. Do not tempt me.

#US needs to invoke Goldman Act to return #Kidnapped #American children being held in #Uganda

#Solar Energy is the future - out with #Oil, #Coal, #Gas

In 2012 the world doubted Solar energy.  How far we have come. Solar is now projected to be the cheapest form of energy this year and at worst in the next few years.  The sun is all around us if you think about it. We can power everything with solar. ISE got nearly hammered by DW but Solar was ahead of its time.  Now it is time.

The sun may be setting on German solar research
Germany's solar industry is in a deep crisis, which threatens the country's leadership in photovoltaic research. Could the industrial crisis slow innovation?

Ralf Preu couldn't be busier. The director of the silicon solar cell technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) feels particularly good when his pilot system spits out one solar cell after the other. The shimmering blue solar cells are the result of a complex production process at a high-tech factory on the Fraunhofer Institute campus in Freiburg.

Preu and his 200 employees are busy further developing solar cell technology – now a global standard. Their goal is to increase the efficiency of silicon solar cells from 18 percent today to more than 20 percent in the future. Higher efficiency translates into lower costs for electricity generated from solar cells.

Efficiency record

The Fraunhofer researchers still hold the world efficiency record for this type of solar cell. But to remain at the top, they need to continue researching. That means not only increasing the efficiency of solar cells but also reducing their material costs in production.

Ralf Preu is responsible for solar cell research at Fraunhofer ISE
Ideally, the researchers like to test what they develop in their labs directly with industry partners. This strategy worked well during the solar boom, when numerous German manufacturers of solar cells and modules helped finance their research. The crisis, however, has made companies less willing to pick up the tab. On top of that, Chinese rivals are flooding the market with low-cost solar cells and modules, creating huge pressure on margins.

Today, many midsize and even large solar companies in Germany are struggling for survival. A number of them have already filed for bankruptcy. Researchers like Preu now face financial restraints as their industry partners reduce funding or pull out completely. The Fraunhofer solar cell expert alone has lost about one-fifth of his industry financing.

"We're now working closely with equipment and materials manufacturers and trying to compensate our losses through more publicly funded projects," says Preu.

Solar boom
Fraunhofer operates a solar cell pilot factory
The abrupt end to the solar boom has also been felt Harry Wirth who, together with 130 employees, is in charge of testing finished photovoltaic modules in a neighboring factory hall. The protective layers of solar cells must remained sealed for 30 years, withstanding heat, cold, moisture and particles. For more than a decade, Wirth received one industry contract after another to develop and test modules that could sustain these dangers.

Now customers are pulling the plug on projects on a weekly basis. That is particularly painful for Wirth who receives up to 75 percent of his research funds directly from industry. "We have lost many of our key customers through bankruptcy," says Wirth, who hopes to avoid reducing staff. Nevertheless, the researcher expects at least half his business will disappear in a few years. "We will need to learn how to cope with customers no longer ringing our doorbell," he says.

Fraunhofer ISE director Eicke Weber is worried about Germany possibly losing its global lead in solar research. Around 70 research institutes in the country are active in this area, and Fraunhofer ISE has emerged as one of the top centers internationally. The number of its researchers has increased from just 300 a decade ago to more than 1,200 today.

Remaining competitive
Harry Wirth tests solar cell systems at Fraunhofer
The rapid growth, however, is now giving way to a need to preserve what has been achieved. For Weber, that means continuing to deliver innovative ideas to German companies to keep them competitive and finding new customers.

About half of Fraunhofer ISE's 73 million euro budget is financed by the solar industry. Experts have begun to ask whether the institute should consider accepting commissioned research from China, if Chinese solar cell and module manufacturers like Suntech become dominant market forces.

"We will not share our core expertise in developing lower-cost, efficient solar cells directly with Chinese companies that only operate in China," Weber says. Research financed by German taxpayers must create jobs and value in Germany, he maintains.

Chinese advance

Whether China's booming solar industry in the future will continue to rely on know-how "made in Germany" remains questionable. Chinese solar companies have benefited from massive government subsidies in the past and, following another recent wave of investment, can expect such support to continue in the future. With its support, the government aims to encourage local manufacturers without their own labs to acquire research expertise and become less dependent on German know-how.

Professor Eicke R. Weber
What Chinese solar strategists view as the next important development step is for ICE head Weber nothing less than a declaration of war. Over the past two years, China has assembled the world's largest and most efficient solar manufacturing facilities. The output is three to four more times higher than that of German-based manufacturers.

Such a capability gives Chinese companies competitive advantages that can be further cemented with targeted industrial policies in the research sector, according to Weber. That is one of the reasons why he supports a complaint filed by European solar manufacturers with competition watchdogs in the European Commission. The manufacturers are asking for duties to be slapped on Chinese imports.

Should their application fail, Weber suggests beating the Chinese at their own game by targeting government funds at specific European high-tech sectors such as the photovoltaic industry. But Weber warns that the moment research leads to large-scale production, that production is guaranteed to move to Asia, "because governments there will back loans to companies to build globally competitive production facilities."

Seeking alternatives


Fraunhofer ESI, Germany's top solar researcher, is pegging its hopes on German solar engineering companies. Every second solar cell in the world is manufactured by a German-made machine. "We must ensure that solar equipment manufacturers stay here," says Weber. His appeal comes shortly after the insolvency of Centrotherm, Germany's first midsize solar equipment manufacturer to succumb to fierce competition.


Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE

#Uganda #31years - another multinational exits Uganda #Airtel

By Bencal


They made too much money and they are running away without paying revenue.
Indians and Arabs are too smart ..

They don't pay taxes...Arabs came with Warid, made billions and sold it...

Warid was here in Uganda but with some tax waivers..the owner a billionaire in Abu Dhabi sold it...

Its local owners in Uganda were Moses Byaruhanga, Moses Balyeku, Fox Odoi and Hon Kutesa.

They made good money when they and the principal owner sold it to Indians .

These guys continued to make money by managing media of Airtel ,recruitment, clearing, as well as providing IT services through Huawei, a Chinese firm on Rwenzori courts linked to Hon, Kutesa and others....

Airtel made billions from stupid Ugandans and now running away without paying taxes because they have been declaring losses only but they are buying assets in USA and the company buying Airtel is linked to a chain of mafias in London but Africans think its headquartered are in Nairobi..

It will also make billions and immediately after 2021 elections it will be sold to another group but most likely to a Chinese.

Airtel has made profits and about three times what they bought it for...

These guys are global mafia and Ugandans will never understand them .

Mafias are too smart.

Don't think its a mistake that that company is always bought and sold...it was celtel..it conned millions of Ugandans when over 18 million Ugandans were still stupid but still the mafias said they made losses.


Ugandans ..wake up..
Don't be fooled by global cartels operating around the world and protected by state agencies...

May be Hon Rwomushana can guide us.

airtel Uganda Homepage

#Uganda #31years - voices of freedom ring out from The Peril of #Africa

By Joseph Tumushabe

Let the Voice of Defiance reach every hill and Valley in Uganda;
Let the plains and plateau say no more;
Let the echo of my people be heard in the ravines
Let the call to save my motherland sound loud and clear;
As we all say, Besigye is ours.

Let the women harvesting millet sing freedom;
Let the carpenters and builders hum freedom;
Haulers of luggage and farmers pick it up.
As we all say Besigye songa.

My brother in police you have a duty;
My sister in the crime preventers you have a job;
And my uncle in the army the people need you
Link up with you crying unemployed brother.
Listen to the Voice of Hope, the ballitone voice of Besigye.
Save mother Uganda from the monster of selfish greed;
Save my grandpa from lies and slander;
Save this nation from falling off the cliff;
Trust our destiny with  Wesige Best.

 Let's light a candle of hope;
Let's not just curse the darkeness and gloom;
Let the voice of the child sing freedom;
Let the youth sing to the rising tide of hope;
Hope for a new Uganda as we all say.
Wesige Besigye.

 Mother where are you?
Sister bring me my drum and ndingidi.
Papa where is my frute and ngalabi?
Where is the Timble and Harp Aunt?
I want to sing a song for Uganda.
And Dance with Dr . Besigye.

Joseph Tumushabe