Friday, December 30, 2016

#US and US tax payers fund all #African dictators who kill my people

It is presposterous that Americans get infuriated when Russia hacks them.

I mean no disrespect for our American friends who underatans our pain and speak up for our suffering.

It just makes no sense that you allow the Senate and Congress to fund killers of Africans.

I am on record since 2013 telling you all and the worls that dictator Museveni is killing Ugandans and has committed genocide but yet you could use that money to house your unemployed, feed the hungry, give free medica care and pay your people living wages.

I do not subscribe to the conspiracy theory that you are after Uganda's oil and minerals. For one thing the minerals go to Asia.

Then you have enough of your own oil and gas and with fracking, you are set.  You could also move up to Canada and take over all our drilling and we would give you the keys.

Do you know the biggest energy companies operating in Canada?  They are Americans.

So your interest in Uganda is their army fighting your wars which you fund.  You miss the real issue that Museveni is a war monger and starts all the wara in the Great Lakes of Africa and yet you arm him and give him money to keep these wars he starts.

After all the destruction happens, you come in with contracta to rebuild Africa.

Anyway, God never sleeps and satan will never be fooled.

Stand up for your rights and your tax money.  Our people are dying via the money you give which the common Ugandan never sees.

So you kicked out 35 Russian diplomats and shut down their compounds over hacking.  How about you stop being hypocrites and kick out all the Ugandan diplomats and shut down all their embassies too!

Until US cuts off funding to dictator Museveni, Russia shall remain justified to hack into all your systems. #UgandaLivesMatter.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada born in Uganda

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