Thursday, December 29, 2016

#Uganda's future is hands of the youth

In response to Mr. Andrew Mwenda's latest outbursts.

I don't usually respond to issues raised by intellectuals because I'm not one. But since Andrew M. Mwenda decided to call out on me – the stupid one, of which I accept that am one, let me respond to him and other millions of my "stupid" fellows.

I have one simple foul I find in Mwenda's reference to FDC supporters as mentally retarded. The reference is grossly abusive and insulting to all the 8.3 millions (est.) of supporters the party has. If Mr. Andrew made it clear by hitting on a specific group among us, that wouldn't have brought the buzzing I see on social media. It was a generalisation that doesn't fit every person he referred to. Bwana Andrew, not everyone you referred to, is stupid – and that's a fact. But in any case, I believe you had a point and reason as to why. Problem is we are concentrating more on one word out of the many other and by doing this we are proving right your assertions on us.

If one would 'accept' the insult like I have done – and Andrew too, has accepted what some of you are alleging about him especially his sexual orientation, we could have a problem solved with the words – I call them – the bitter truth he is forwarding us.

First and foremost, FDC supporters particularly the fanatics have been on record of calling Andrew all sorts of names ever since he hopped in bed with the current dictatorship. Thus, we've been abusive and insulting towards him, same way he is to us now. Why take offense? If you've been calling him a fool, why get hurt when he refers to you as a retard? Go and watch Avengers. One thing out of it is that, he over the time lost much attention from the opposition. As a traitor, Mwenda lost the huge applause and the disciple-like following he had before. It's no doubt now that Andrew needed our attention, even thou in a wrong way and on the wrong side (to us – the opposition) to pass out information so important to us if clearly understood. No wonder his opening of the first outburst reads: "Finally I have the attention of my FDC friends and allies after calling them mentally retarded. Since they have hit back at me with vitriol, its time to clear the air." as quoted from his Facebook page. So, clearly Andrew needed attention and he has it now.

Personally, I will be clear here, I'm not a strong supporter of FDC neither do I even ever think of supporting the NRM. I'm on record of criticising their ambition-turned-game of causing regime change in Uganda. The strategies implored by FDC are of a Kob massaging a leopard to let go of it's tail. With the same tactics that simply don't work under an established dictatorship we have in Uganda, with the same person at the centre of it for 15 years – Dr.Kizza Besigye like the few who have realised it, Museveni isn't going anywhere away from his throne.

One thing here is that, I believe, Kizza Besigye would have brought a meaningful regime change in the last four (4) times he has stood against his former master. In fact, there is part of his message of change and hope that I believe is right for our wounded country. But the strategies laid down for him to achieve this much needed change are and will always be futile.

Like Andrew said, the reason Museveni is still President, is the same reason Besigye is still standing. As long as that continues to happen, I will soon ask Museveni for my share of the Albertine oil, pour it on my butt and have a safe ride for a record – 50 years of Musevenism. How do you tell me that someone who goes out to shoot my people in Kasese, will allow you to take office through papers ticked in a basin? Are you mad?

Elections can dismantle this regime only if we concentrate on lower posts and the Parliament. Even if Besigye slept till the election day in 2021, he would still earn 2 million votes and above. So why concentrate on him alone during the campaigns? What FDC needs are structures right from the LC I to the Parliament. We need to front and support more MPs than we give attention to Besigye. Let's imagine a parliament with 300 elected Opposition MPs. Wouldn't that number beat NRM and impeach the President? Wouldn't that number stop the scandalous bills being passed by the NRM-led Parliament? Because we have less than 50 MPs in Parliament, any bill in favour of this regime is being passed with little or no resistance from the opposition.

Even if Besigye won the presidency and found a parliament of 300 NRM MPs, these would vote and impeach him or stop his orders and wishes. Except if he did it the Amin way and disolve the parliament which would undoubtably be difficult. So either way, the struggle demands more of the lower posts to fight the uppermost post. In my hometown – Kasese, we voted six (6) Opposition MPs plus the other Local Councils having majority of the FDC members, this alone has protected the district from useless acts and bills that were passed or would be passed in favour of NRM.

The painful truth is that Museveni is not ready to handover power through the ballot. He knows his fate after that. Even if you demand for an Independent Electoral Body, go to Courts of Law to contest elections results, there is nothing and absolutely nothing we will gain. The system here does not favour anything of the sort to happen. Stop massaging the regime with wasted ballots.

There are several other ways to dislodge an imposing regime. History is there to help us choose the best that suits the Ugandan situation. But Besigye has chosen the most fattening and comfortable one that in fact the regime is happy with him. The only prayer Museveni has is for Besigye to continue standing. I bet if cornered, Museveni would gladly support and order Bank of Uganda to give Besigye enough money to support his campaign, why? Because that's not a threat to the regime.

What happens whenever Besigye calls out people to hit the streets of Kampala to demand for change? Either he is arrested before it happens or besieged at his home before he moves out, why? Because that is a super threat to the Rwakitura throne. Heavy machine guns, teargas canisters, armered vehicles, fighter jets roll out in Kampala all to protect the regime. If at all people come out on the streets, the regime would be in danger.

But on record we are cowards – henceforth stupid, how? We be here massaging Besigye's chin in support but whenever he calls out the people to go on streets, it's the day Ugandan local televisions get the highest viewership in a single day. Cowardly, everyone gets glued on their screens as they watch a handful of brave men and women being arrested, beaten and pepper sprayed as the idiots behind the screens chant, "We need change!!"

Dr. Besigye has for the past 15 years done all he can to seek regime change. I appreciate his struggle. He is a brave man who has stood against bullets, slept in cells, dragged to court with the highest number of charges in our history, denied his freedom, free speech and other human rights. What Besigye doesn't want to believe is that the regime has more of that inhuman treatment in stock. He doesn't want to accept his part of contribution towards change and accept that he has failed his trustees – the Ugandan people.

The current situation demands that Besigye hands over the baton to new blood and fresh men to also fight for change. His continued persistence as the 'sole' regime changer is the reason Museveni is the 'sole' President. For the years gone, I believe Besigye should have trained, mentored and spotted out a strong successor in his struggle. It's something Museveni has failed to do in the last 30 years, to groom a suitable successor for his throne. So equally the two have failed their legacies and am afraid when nature calls on them, what they have fought for will follow them down the grave and none will leave a legacy to reckon on.

However, and finally, I advise my fellow young men that the struggle for this country's liberation is on us not these two aging men. Let us step up and demand for, and build the country we need to see in 10 years or so to come. The silence of the youth, the cowardice, the feeling that it's not for us, or, it's not yet our time only benefits these old men to step up their ladders at the expense of our strong shoulders. The sooner we acknowledge this, the sooner we act.

Happy New Year 2017!

God Bless Uganda.

Signed: Wesley K Spartan.
Dated: 29/12/2016.

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