Friday, December 30, 2016

#Ugandans no longer care about people being killed daily - What a catastrophe!

How many Ugandans must die in front of you in order to care?

Kayiira was not the first one killed by the Museveni regime. Ask Otafire.

You all went about your lives.

You soon had Mayombo, Kazini and Lutwama and we must never forget princess Nebandah.

Dr. Gombya wrote about the boda boda killers after he had escaped from Uganda following the assassination of Kayiira.

Lutwama was tortured to death. The likes of Kayihura and Katumba Wamala ensured that the grave was guarded and no one independent could do an autopsy to ascertain the cause of the death till the body was decomposed.

I think Gen. Aronda and this other guy Tumukunde.

In 2013 when Gen. Aronda requested that Kayihura invests rumours that top generals were gonna get knocked off for not supporting someone with a very low IQ to become president, Aronda is on record for laughing it off.  Is he laughing now?

Kayihura is on record saying he had a directive from Museveni to arm civilians and this week he is also on record saying he fears for his safety.

Exactly how many generals died this year? I lost count.

And how many diplomats?

Then how many on the ground?  Muslims preached killings but now I hear they are being killed.

Pastors thought they were untouchable but I hear that a bishop's son died.

Nebilal nabalala.

So exactly how safe do you feel?  The minute prayers were banned, you should never have any prayers.

The minute the Kasese massacre happened, you should have spoken. But in your comfort...shaaa.

The minute 67 bodies were dumped on the beaches of Lake Victoria, you should have suspended all campaigns and called for 3 days of mourning and a thorough independent investigation.

You see, all the dead have families and friends who love them and hurt.

The Kasese massacre was to test you all if you could live through another genocide after Acholi.

You proved that you do not give a damn.  Then kale just wait for them to come for your own sons and daughters and husbands and strip your women naked, parade them then rape them and bury them in mass graves.

Do not even try that shit on Bugisu. I will make you pay big time because even in my grave, it shall be done.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)


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