Thursday, December 29, 2016



If the opposition is to be taken seriously, they must act like the opposition. For the LoP Winnie Kiiza to meet with a man that has slaughtered her own people, buried them in mass graves as if they were attackers from Zambia is unfortunate. Our fellow countrymen were buried in a mass graves as if they had no next of kin.

How can you ask the nation to be sympathetic to what happened in Kasese and the next day you are pictured grinning with the killers of your people? Your king is rotting in Nalufenya prison, more than 500 people from your region are in prison.

Even your prime minister is in jail and you're on news papers for the entire world to see how hypocritical you're and taking the majority if Ugandans who stood to mourn our fellow countrymen that were slaughtered by the very man you're pictured with for granted? The opposition must stop standing on its two toothpicks so called legs and stand with the people.

They should stop sending mixed messages to the public and the world at large. Before even contemplating meeting the dictator, they should have demanded from the dictator, among which to release the King and all political prisoners, they must have demanded the dictator to come out and state what evidence if any did he rely on to attack the palace.

How can you talk of taking the dictator to the ICC, while at the same time you are dancing with the wolves? We saw this opportunistic Betty Kamya holding your hand as if you're hit by bullets. Winnie Kiiza, you cannot have it both ways. Either you are with us or with dictatorial regime.


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  1. Madam Leah Nangalama, I like your concern about issues of Kasese. You are so committed. I applaud you! At the same time i would like to disagree with you over your harangue of Winnie Kiiza for meeting the president. I am really vexed.
    As a person who is professional in her field, you would have first of all studied the context in which they (leaders of Kasese) invited him. And, remember that they are part of the Ugandan government, although they do not belong to the rulling NRM.Running away from the enmy is not the solution of the problem. I am courageous to defend Winnie Kiiza and her colleagues (Leaders of Kasese). I commend them for the work well done so far, and I, unfatigably, will continue supporting them.
    Leah! Please dont think otherwise, the leaders are doing their best...
    Maate Jonoours Tsongo - Kasese Native