Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#Uganda must remember how revolutions get started

A medical student in Uganda just sent me the following. Apparently I wrote it. I likely did as it has my writing style.

The French Revolution - Peasants lost their lands and were enslaved on their own land and controlled by the clergy and the powers that be.

Russia - the Romanov family was murdered by revolutionists.

China - Mao Zedung coming from an impoverished family led China into a revolution.

Slave Trade - led by African chiefs who sold off their own people but eventually they were freed. Was poverty or pure greed?

South Africa - The Soweto Uprising, also known as 16 June, were a series of protests led by high school students in South Africa that began on the morning of 16 June 1976 (Wikki).  The video follows.

Tunisia - a young man set himself on fire due to some police woman kicking his vegetable stand off the road and slapping him.  Hence started the Arab Spring.

Libya - Abu Salim prison.  Human Rights Watch estimated that 1,270 prisoners were killed within 3hrs.  They were lured into the compound and all shot dead in 2-3hrs.

 Hong Kong - The Umbrella Revolution, sometimes used interchangeably with Umbrella Movement, was a series of sit-in street protests that occurred in Hong Kong from 26 September to 15 December 2014 (Wikki).

 Uganda - The Walk to Work protests occurred in Uganda in April 2011, as a reaction to the high cost of living. The protests took place following presidential elections in February 2011, and involved several defeated opposition candidates. The protests were suppressed by the government of Yoweri Museveni, resulting in five deaths (Wikki).

 Arresting General Sejusa is a very big mistake.  As he has said in the past and today even Major Twaha Mukiibi said, #Museveni has violated all the principles for which they fought.  The reason they went to the bush.

 Not only those two gentlemen but Dr. #Besigye and #Mbabazi. Rabba Naga, Dr. Magombe and Span have also warned about these things.

 Never ignite a fire in the bush because bush fire moves too fast.  My advice to dictator Museveni is to free Gen. Sejusa and all other political prisoners immediately.  I read the barometer in Uganda and the reading is very high.  You have 11 million Crime Preventers.  The country has 38 million people.  Unemployment is 80-90% of the youth.  READ AND KNOW YOUR HISTORY.

 Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
whatsap +15068716371.  All sources of information will be protected.  Talk so that the world gets to know.

 The writer is an IT analyst for an oil company and follows the politics of Uganda closely.

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