Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#Uganda #Genocide - talking about #Kasese massacre endangers lives

I have received credible information that the 3 journalists who have been communicating to me about the deaths and daily arrests in Kasese are in imminent danger.

I have just told them to go underground and switch off their phones. I have other ways to reach them.

You see my experience in IT is deeper than anyone in the Uganda government.

Were we wrong to tell the world about that massacre?  Were we wrong to tell the world of the daily arrests even when you go to police and file a statement that your loved one is missing?

Of course we were not wrong and can never be wrong because we fight for the rights of our people. History will judge us fairly and Kasese shall be in the books.

I have personally received messages telling me to watch my back. I look forward to the day when Uganda Airlines will fly into Canadian Air Space.  I need to check its flight schedule though just to be ready when they come for me. I am ready to de for my people.

Uganda is used to intimidating, arresting, torturing and killing anyone who has a voice.

I have news for you. I have low tolerance for pain so one slap will render me unconscience and then you will not get information.

Poisoning is the norm.  In 2004 when I asked Exxonmobil to transfer me from Toronto, I had no idea that I was needed to speak for the voiceless in Uganda. In our village, everyone knows everyone.

To kill me you would have to feed me poison. I do not eat anything from anyone unless made by the girls or my husband or me.  I hear that fighters went to the bush and ate monkeys and rats. I would rather go 3 weeks with no food.

Can the dead eat? Can they drink? So I chose the path of biggest resistance and it comes with sacrifices.

Go ahead and arrest my brothers. The price you will pay cannot even be graphed.

By the way, this war shall be won in cyber space.

Martha Leah Nangalama
#MukonzoProud and #CanadianCitizen

You might want to remember who published the Patience Museveni and told you it was a rumour we were following. We soon confirmed it not to be true after a call from home. Your reaction shall live forever because the world saw that you fretted over one rumoured death and had not cared about the death of thousands in Kasese.


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