Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#Uganda discombobulation - @Mlnangalama is a lesbian

In 2013 when Ugandans were obsessed with mini skirts and gays, I said I wear mini skirts and kiss two girls daily and sleep with one all night.

It is a bit chilly so I think I will skip the mini skirt and huddle up with girls.

MARK busted me when he authored an article that it was Becky and Tashabobo. But earlier than that, Natalia and Carolyne had bursted me. Ugandans could not see it all.

My 2 girlfriends totally dumped me. It was very heart breaking. So after crying for 3 days for being dumped, I wiped my tears and picked up the pieces.

All teddy bears left. The stuffed dogs, cats and monkeys.  I think this is really the hardest break up EVER. In like ever.

The following week "mommy, I do not get nightmares anymore and I will be okay".

Say what? My GF dumped me!

In case you did not know, many mothers sleep in the same bed as their littles.

And it is gay.  Idiots cannot think beyond their noses.

Martha Leah Nangalama
I do not have to be LGBTI to advocate for rights.  Did you also know that I fight for animal rigjts and the environment.  Do I look like a Lama or a Fern tree?


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