Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sports digest by a #Ugandan #ManU fan

So, the overrated Dutch winger is not playing because he asked to leave in January. Rather than fight for a place in the team he's done the opposite and collected his wages whilst sulking.

 Hope he goes in January and a chance is given to someone who wants to wear the shirt. No different to a certain Argie.

 "In the past couple of months, my decisions in relation to Memphis were influenced by the feelings and information that he would like to leave in January and that we were going to have a real offer that we would be willing to accept. That obviously influences me."Jose Mourinho

 "We had this conversation with a few players and we left things very, very clear. If I know, if I have the feeling that a player is leaving, I have to give chances to and develop other players."-Jose Mourinho.

Fighting for a place in a team is something special to the fans. But when you show a desire to leave, you become a loser. Memphis is a loser. He would have seen what Micki did to Prove to the Manager.

Am disappointed, the club has continuously given the golden Shirt #7 to wrong people. The Club should rather rest it than giving it to the Memphis' of this world.

Sir-Mutunzi Hason Cente

Manchester United diehard.

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