Friday, December 30, 2016

Span hits at #Ugandans again

Does Span get under your skin?  He does not care. He calls a spade a spade and others catch up. Catch him if you can.

Two months before the Land bill was discussed at State House in Kyankwanze, I shared an article by someone in CMI that Museveni was gonna nationalise all your land.

He proceeded to appoint an Acholi as minister of land to help grab her people's land.  Anyway Span is talking.


A deal that would expand Rwandese into Uganda was signed between the two countries in March 2016. In order for the deal to be completely implemented Uganda must pull out of ICC first, as Rwanda is not a member of the ICC.

Many Rwanda citizens will own land and businesses inside Uganda as well as government jobs and in private sectors.

The majority of these people would be settled in Buganda, Northern region, eastern part of Mbale, Karamoja and mostly in Bunyoro.

Uganda is scheduled to announce herself regarding the ICC pull out in January 2017. Many Ugandans have lost their land due to people connected to state house.

Rwandese are considered to be Uganda citizens by the 1995 constitution while the Rwanda constitution considers Ugandans as foreigners.


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