Friday, December 30, 2016

Something wonderful about #Uganda, the Peril of Africa

Ugandans are wonderful, compassionate and very kind people.

Ugandans are very intelligent like you have any idea.

Ugandans are welcoming to anyone and everyone even their future killers.  They are that good and only find out later.

The country alone is a work of art.  Uganda has one of the best climates in the world and can grow food all year around.

You take a kid from Uganda's education system and they excel in any country because they work very very hard.

Ugandans are very artistic and make some of the best music and films in the world entire.

One time when Winston Churchill was travelling over the land in East Africa where the British had discovered us, he saw something.  He said "what is that? Who is that?" I hear he then made his men stop and gasped "it is a woman!"  He had just perceived a black woman walking to the well to fetch water in her calabasha and named Uganda The Pearl of Africa.  It still is but we have suffered so much and this is why I call it The Peril of Africa.

You see, if we had a chance like what you give everyone else, we could also be astranauts.  We could make the best doctors, investors, brokers, bankers, teachers, social workers, nurses, poets, writers, editors, authors, publishers, movie makers, stars, musicians, engineers.  We could do a lot. So much that you would even be surprised.

Uganda has not been given a chance.  Thirty years under a dictatorship which had its mandate to impoverish as many as possible so as to rule over them.  The regime has turned everyone into a beggar.  The regime celebrates selling University graduates to Arab countries as slaves.

I used to judge Uganda very harshly 4 years ago but no more.  For a life lived in Canada is nothing like a life spent in Uganda.

My people suffer tremendously and no one cares.  My people are very nice and very intelligent but the world is not giving them a chance.  We have no chance for you international friends sanction our poverty, our diseases, our wars, our suffering and our ignorance so that we never read and challenge you based on your record.

In the history books, it shall be written that USA, UK and the EU with that useless UN actually paid for all the killings of my people and all the problems Ugandans suffer.  What do you even gain out of keeping us in our poverty and suffering.  And I have seen some of you show up to give us medicine knowing full well that the common person will not get that medicine.

World Bank and IMF are not in Uganda to help Uganda because they do not even demand for accountability for all the money they give to the regime.  If they cared, they would trace every dollar. In fact these two organisations have caused much pain for Ugandans.

Let us be clear though.  We do not hate you.  We just wonder why you let us get killed and you arm the regime which massacres on live camera and then send money.  I am wondering how it would feel for you in New York City to see all the homeless unemployed people get rounded up, beaten and thrown in jail.  This happens in Kampala all the time and we have even shown you the live footage.

I wonder why you even come to Uganda to see gorillas when the only animals I have seen are in your zoos in USA.  Why do you not go see those animals you hold in the zoos that you got from Africa and China?

Must you sacrifice your humanity and compassion and watch us die until when our children become suicide bombers? And they will if you keep at it.  How do you think the terrorist groups are formed?  Strip someone of dignity and all basic necessities and have a terrorist organisation show up and give them back their pride and they will blow themselves up for their family will get $5,000 upon their death and they will be considered a martyr. I hear some even get 72 virgins upon death and dine and wine with Muhamed (God Bless Him) or a big stag party.  I hear but I am not sure.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
You all claim that you want Girl Child rights and yet you buy girls as young as your smallest daughter.  HYPOCRITES!  God is watching. YES I am angry.  Stop sanctioning the deaths of us.

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