Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Province of #NewBrunswick #Canada needs to force bike lanes

In the wake of Canada and New Brunswick bicycle wnthusiast Ellen Watters dying from injuries she sustained in a crash in Sussex, we need bike lanes.

Brian Gallant should sennd someone to Netherlands to study this thing and report back to Fredericton.

I know Sussex very well and that place is likely only good for hogs. Their roads are narrow and wibd a lot. I could never ride my bike there.

Now in Scoudouc, our main road has a very tiny side walk recently added and riding a bike is like asking for a hit and run which we have seen on this road.

So we load up our bikes and drive to Shediac and pack then ride on the beautiful bike trails.

When we lived in Toronto, many accidents used to happen when bikes ran into cars. So the city of Toronto designated bike routes.

Prior to that we had lived in Peterborough and used to ride 54kms.  No one ever hit us. Smaller cities are like that.

Now in Toronto my place of work was only 27kms from our hood in Scarboroug and I should have been riding to work to avoid the TTC or thr drive.

People who love the environment lobbied the city to designate bike routes. The bill was passed after our family was transferred to Moncton.

It is pretentious to talk about physical excersize and saving the enviroent when you do not provide us with a safe riding environment.

Apart from swimming, riding a bike is the other awesome excersize. Most places have showers so one can kill 2 stones with one bird. Ride and get excersize and help the environment.

I extend my condolences to Ellen's family and friends. She had previously said that if she had to die to help pass a law that protects riders, it would be worth it.

It is very sad that she had to die in order for us to now demand for safety for riders.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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