Monday, December 26, 2016

#Museveni son in law blasted over death rumours. - #Uganda


Rwomushana's response to Odrek Rwabogo's article about the false death news of wife and first daughter.

Good morning team,ope you had fabulous Xmas day Jaana.

It's important to share such information for you to know

 My good friend Odrek Rwabwogo. ..The NRA occupation increased the price of acquiring education and  knowledge and ignorance is so far the cheapest to procure.

When you and I joined Makerere University, children like you and I could make it to the University. .but not today.

Indeed, if it hadn't been for the Amin and Obote system Rwabwogo and I couldn't have made it  through Mbarara High School. ..and if indeed it's true you are a bonafide OB Mbarara High School. ..
You know I was needy and chairman of the Needy. ..Makerere University, you recall you were worse off than I was.

At least I had a leather case and with my links to the Rev Rujoki family could access me the Kololo house then attached to the Late Magara etc. .You are a good witness to the hardships of Non Residents that you indeed were. ..
By then government gave you a living allowance. ..apparently the children of the poor who can't afford your Naana, Neene, Noono and Nuunu hostels stay in the slums of Kawempe. ...

The other day your Father In law whose job is the head of the oppressive, corrupt, wicked and murderous NRA occupation evicted kids from Hostels that he hadn't paid for.

You remember I used to get sacks of money from your father in law  to transport the poor back home. It's not that this silly Wealth Creation thing has banished poverty.

Young kids do prosecution to survive. If you want come and I take you where you pay 2000 shillings to touch and feel. Yes, you are lucky to have a farm and businesses. ..others beg to live.

The misery of our children is nourishment for yours. Of course you may not be aware otherwise your mother in law who is a minister in the NRA occupation advises families ravaged by poverty  and famine to do food flasks.

You have miles of  land but you still decimate forests. .and indeed nature is rioting ..

Honestly you may wish to teach your father in law about responsibility with the environment...of course you may not know because of air conditioning, you stay in a different Uganda. Your NRA occupation imports fake drugs but you run pharmacies at Game and Forest Mall that supply your genuine drugs.

Odrek, the NRA occupation has spiritually paralyzed the population that they looted bread mingled with human blood and excreta from the crushed Kalita Bus.

Those who dissent like as it was in Kasese are killed in wholesale and buried in bundles. ..emifungo.  I saw the other day your retired agent Bishop Orombi drop used wreaths.

Flowers on those mass graves. It's not that people are immoral and or irresponsible. When they celebrate your death rumours.  Not at all. They are very angry and justifiably so. Therefore don't be surprised that the population are looking forward to celebrate your demise.

The autocracy of the NRA occupation is responsible. Stand up and join the struggle to expunge the NRA occupation and all of us shall live happily. But if you think your kids will go to school while mine stay at home just forget about peace.

Just know that when I save some ka money to pay for Mass at Christ the King that you be deleted from the book of the living, there I'm just being lenient. Those that celebrated the rumor excised maximum restrain.

I missed out in the celebration because of our rich history. ..That notwithstanding, my patience is running thin and the cup of anger overflows......

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