Saturday, December 31, 2016

#Museveni blackmails Western governments as he slaughters #Ugandans

By Nathan Span


Love him or hate him, Museveni has double played the Western powers extremely well but at the expense of Ugandans. Radical Islamic terrorists are in the final stages of causing chaos trying to take over the entire great lakes region and have infiltrated Uganda using places of worships such as mosques.

This was one of the reasons he gave as to why he had to take pre-emptive actions in Kasese in order to avert a major terrorist attack on the country that could have killed thousands of people.

The west had condemned M7 for the Kasese massacre and wanted accountability. Museveni had to transfer Leo Kyanda as one of the accountabilities he had taken but we all know very well why Leo Kyanda was fired.

To help fight this Islamic extremism one of our donor so called friends donated money to the regime in part to help the inflows of refugees from South Sudan bypassing the United Nations.

It was reported that over 40,000 refugees from South Sudan had crossed into Uganda in 2016 alone but they forgot that Museveni has had a hand in destabilizing South Sudan and vehemently opposed to an arms embargo towards South Sudan because Uganda is a major supplier of weapons to that country.

The recent attacks on Muslim places of worships is to divert the massacre in Kasese but our muslim brothers and sisters are paying a heavy price as it has been the case throughout Museveni's regime.

People have the right to worship any religion without fear from the state but by singling out the Muslim religion as responsible for terrorist attacks in the great lakes region is utterly wrong and should be condemned by other religious leaders in the country.


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