Friday, December 30, 2016

Iliterate #Rwandese tella Span - Rwandese deserve everything in #Uganda

Luckily a friend took care of that thug before Span could wake up and tell Rwandese that Xenophobia will happen.

[12/30, 19:28] ‪+1 (781) 724-3027‬: MUSEVENI'S GOVERNMENT SIGNS A DEAL WITH RWANDA

A deal that would expand Rwandese into Uganda was signed between the two countries in March 2016. In order for the deal to be completely implemented Uganda must pull out of ICC first, as Rwanda is not a member of the ICC.

Many of Rwanda citizens will own land and businesses inside Uganda as well as government jobs and in private sectors. The majority of these people would be settled in Buganda, Northern region, eastern part of Mbale, Karamoja and mostly in Bunyoro. Uganda is scheduled to announce herself regarding the ICC pull out in January 2017.

Many Ugandans have lost their land due to people connected to state house. Rwandese are considered to be Uganda citizens by the 1995 constitution while the Rwanda constitution considers Ugandans as foreigners.

[12/31, 05:46] ‪+250 788 891 919‬: You so called VoiceOfUganda you are a liar.  Even super one because  you wanted expand your ideology of xenophobia here against people with Rwanda relatives.

That's an egocentrism and ignorance. You can't say how  Ugandans and Rwandans should exchange their citizenship as they change money wallah you hate Rwandans but you will fall down as the Berlin wall has fallen down .

There is so many people who are the same thinking like you in Uganda but none will success it's madness of hating Wanyarwanda communities all of the world we are today and forever
[12/31, 07:18] Horus The Great God: Reply to @250788891919

Mr Rwanda press, we don't hate rwandese. They are our girlfriends and in laws. We have married so many of them and they have married some of our daughters. We love nyarwanda gal, they are amazing. Wat we are against is the cult seeking to dilute Uganda's sovereignty.

And we gonna do whatever it takes to uproot that cult, whether peace or bloodshed. Just warn your people not to be caught within mu7's circles.

In Rwanda, you guys worship kagame buy he is a mafia, a member of the cult that is collapsing Uganda's sovereignty and economy. Uganda's civil service is being fortified with rwandese at the expense of educated but jobless Ugandans.

Rwandese militia are being employed to sabotage Ugandan struggles for freedom and transparent governance. We are against rwandese that are taking more than their fair share out of our economy.

Tell your people to send us more of your daughters, we love them but rwandese meddling in our political affairs won't spared when the hurricane of national rage drowns the ancient régime.

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