Monday, December 26, 2016

#Dictators hate #SocialMedia - #Uganda nightmare

By Span

Social media has become dictator Museveni's nightmare. The recent announcement of his daughter's passing on social media left the dictator speechless and his wife Janet was in tears.

For the first time, Janet Museveni knows how Ugandans are tired of her husband's regime. The dictator is caught between a rock and a hard place. He cannot resign as this would be an invitation to Nalufenya prison the only achievement his government has achieved to finally construct.

He cannot block Social media without probable cause that is acceptable to his donors and the donors have now told the aged dictator that do not even think about it. Museveni is furious that there is nothing he can do to crack down on social media.

There is noticeable cracks in Museveni's relationships with the West especially since the election of Donald Trump. Susan Rice a ferocious defender of Museveni in Washington is no more. Trump's new UN ambassador Gov. Nikki Haley will not entertain blocking UN investigators on human rights abuse and plunder in the DRC.

The new incoming administration in Washington DC has warned Museveni not to remove the age limit. The west has finally come to terms that Museveni has become a liability to them as more and more young Ugandans are pouring their frustrations on social media especially how the alleged death of his daughter trended enthusiastically on social media.

The West is actively looking for a suitable alternative to Museveni and for those that believe that donors are not responsible for Museveni's long stay in power think again.

The way young Ugandans are airing their frustrations against Museveni's regime has caught the West's interests in finding a possible replacement before its too late. Yes defiance is underway through social media.


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