Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bits and Bytes for friends and family and #Uganda

The year 2016 will go into history as the year which should never been.

Despite all the killings globally, some good things happened.

I would like to highlight the good.

My specialiast told me that I was in remission so I no longer have to do blood work every second day.

Alheri-Moses turned 1yr old and now has 8 teeth and can eat a chicken drumstick.

Albarka-Daniel turned 5 and started school in September. He also joined a soccer team and started music lessons.

Natasha got her first job away from mummy and friends. She works in a clothing store.  She also got many medals in her competitive Badminton and still maintains 95-100% in all her classes.

Rebecca went back to UofT for her second year in Life Sciences and Human Biology. Heading to medical school. She took all her lessons from Moncton and will be a stage manager for the next performance from Trinity College, University of Toronto. UofT has incredible programs and their Drama society is to die for.

Dora is still in Canada. Sadly her dad died in June from cancer so my niece had to get picked up super fast from PEI and fly home to bury my brother in law. A family friend in Los Angeles bought the ticket promptly.

Then our Annet returned to her job at the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. With a one year old and the 5yr old, Annet juggles. She is married to one of the best Nigerian (David) so they manage.

Thierry's cholestral shot up. Suddenly he was riding a bicycle, cutting down on salt, eating vegetables and a lot of fruits. But he is amonkey.. He has always liked fruits and vegetables.

What shocked me about the cholestral was the baby being very concerned. So daily, both took their bicycles to Parlee Beach and ride. The gymn got a lot of mileage. It has a stationary bike, high end treadmill, a sauna, a Table Tennis table and naturally fuzball and a 64 inch flat screen.

The heating bills got high. This is the second winter that we are heating the house with wood. Wr have 40 acres of a forest and need to take down dead trees which we use for heating.

This year found Martha Leah in the eye of the storm. I found my voice. My editor had spent 2yrs trying to teach me to use my voice. Finally Rogers Atukunda dared me. Then when I spoke, he walked away for he even had no idea that he is a wonderful teacher. I just took long to learn.

Then Kasese happened and it turned my life upside down.  But right before Kasese, RT (Russia Today) was streaming A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE.

The Kasese massacre happened when all eyes were already on Uganda for the genocide in Northern Uganda.
........nebilala nebilala......

Martha Leah Nangalama

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