Saturday, December 24, 2016

All the single ladies. Men are not ATM machines - #Uganda pay attention

First year or second year, you are dating your high school sweetie.

Suddenly you flip tables on him and ask him to pay all your bills.  But he is just a kid like you.

You even go further and ask him to meet your parents but he must be driving.  He is alao a kid.

He survives the first test then you demand for introsuction after you get your degree.

Poor guy cannot afford $25,00 for that introduction. So you ditch your baby.

Perhaps he loved you and put up with your demands.

Now you ask for a wedding costing $50,000. The poor kid cannot dind a job. But he loves you and contacts all his friends and family to pay for the wedding.

Failing all the above, you get a car, Dubai and a mansion from a man who already had y wives.

Then one day you get mad because he did not come home on your desiganted day and you hit FB to lament about him.

Honey, you should have stayed with your highschool love. EX is now an engineer with a great contract and you text him "wadawa ex". Your ex is married and is not interested in a woma who did not support him.

You talk about women emancipation. Did you know that boys also cost money to educate.

Your face is not even a coloring board so why did you even demand tha a fellow kid pays for your blue make up on a black face.

Men are not bank machines. But they are good baby makers.

Martha Leah Nangalsma
Proud mother of 4 girls from Uganda who pay their own bills.

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