Wednesday, November 30, 2016

#Uganda #Kasese massacre by vampire dictator #Museveni

Dear Ugandans and the world, I now speak for the Moslem Clerics, Pastors and Priests who are the religious leaders of our Peril of Africa Uganda.

I appologize for not speaking out when woken were undressed in public for wearing mini skirts. I did not speak out because they had great legs.

When they came for gay people, I did not speak out because I hate gays.

When they came for POMB, I did not speak out for I hold audiences in sanctuaries in church.

When they banned prayers, I did not speak up for my church is protected and so is my mosque.

When bodies litered South Sudan and DRC, I did not speak out for my kids are not in the army.

When famine hit Karamojo and Isingiro, I did not speak because I am in Bududa where landalides avoided my family.

When Kampala was laid under siege and Entebbe airport, I did not talk for I have no business in Kampala.

When Makerere University was shut down, I did not speak out because my kids fly abroad for education.

Then people died in hospitals for Makerere closure. Why would I have talked when I have a private jet to fly my family abroad for a kidney transplant in South Africa.

But finally they came for Kasese and massacred my relatives. Suddenly it dawned on me that no religious leader is talking for my people.

Have I failed Jesus and Mohammed or Allah? My God will judge me. You humans cannot judge me for I had a nice car, security and easy money.

My benefits have run out and I might be next on the hit list. May Mungu forgive me for not speaking out for others.

Now there is no one left to speak for me and media cannot even do it.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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