Wednesday, November 30, 2016

#Uganda current situation - do not go there

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is on the equator with all year round Agriculture potential.

Ugandans are dying of hunger for lack of bicycles and jerry cans for drip irrigation.

Uganda has cut down trees and killed forests. Some of you know that I hail from Masaba (Jesus was Masaba or Mwambu till you stole him).

Bududa is on the slopes of Mt. Elgon (Masaba).  Some of you will remember the Bududa landslides which buried schools, health centres and many hundreds of my people.

That month of the calamity, I was requested by the Anglican Parish of Shediac to replace the sermon at St. Martin in the Woods (our local church).

Our parish uses all tithing monthly for community work. Our parish has investments and land for rent and lease so our collections are for community projects.

When I stood up on the podium, I begged the congregation not to send any money to my people. Many wondered why I said it. But ultimately, the $15,000 our Parish was going to my birth place Bududa remained in Moncton for our local community.

Fast forward. All the money which was donated for Bududa vanished. Some sh. 8 billion which the minister for Bududa relief could not account for. We are talking about $3+ million and he got promoted.

But before that, The Global Fund for HIV, Malaria and TB had lost €430 million. Uganda could not account for the money. Sadly, The Global Fund still gives billions to Uganda without demanding for accountability.

So when you see Ugandans distrusting your intentions, they have reasons.


You now all see what we share about this genocide and yet you remain silent.

This is not the first vampire blood letting.

Dictator #Museveni has been killing. And he kills with impunity because of all of you who think your money reaches the suffering Ugandan. It does not.

ICC was called useless by Museveni. Justifiably so as ICC is aware of all the atrocities.

Donors were called STUPID and parasites. Justifiably so. Stupid because you keep funding a dictator who kills, wages wars, gets refugees from the countries he invades and then you send him money.

PARASITES because you feed on the blood of our people.  Why so?  Because you will send in your arms yo kill us. You will go in after hell breaks loose and do Iraq or Libya reconstruction to keep your investors making money. will fund your NGOs or sijui Red Cross to rehabilitate us.

In your madness, the only one who cares is MSF.

The best way to help Uganda is to cut off all funding. Stop coming to Uganda for tourism unless you have no Zoos in your country.

We steal money. We eat expired tear gas for breakfast then ingest live bullets for lunch. Something about stray bullets. One might hit you.

Should you go, then make Kasese your destination.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Canadian citizen, #BududaProud.

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