Wednesday, November 30, 2016

#PARENTING - Kids are a gift. Next person if I do not miss having a son will be kicked in the face

I used to think that emotional intelligence was common sense until people started asking me why I have only daughters.

I born them natural and super fast with no expensive fertility treatments.

My girls can kick your boys.

In most cultures, women get divorced by the husband if they cannot give birth to a boy.

But such husbands are stupid. They slept through Biology for the man is the determiner of the gender of the kid.

Being born in such a culture means that you are always looking over your shoulder if you were lucky to be born a girl like me.

It is public knowledge that girls get aborted more than boys. Consequently, the girls who are born are very strong. Think of it as evolution.

What is even more interesting is the men who want sons chase women.  Did it ever occur to you that without your mother carrying you in her belly for 9mths you would not be her son?

Some men divorce women who do not bear sons.

The odds against girls are high. But we are gonna beat you at this game. We are in all sciences and teaching.  We are your engineers. We are your bosses at work. We own the company where you work. We are in your police and army. We are your best friends so disrespecting us means trouble. BIG trouble.

Or we might spit in your food when we serve you. Much worse can happen with your food though.

.....nebilala nebilala......

Wadawa EX? Your next kid might be a girl too. Or a boy. Ojja kundeka kubitara muyaye gwe. Naye nja kugenda Mombasa nkusindikire amajini.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Mother of 4 girls. Future EX gonna make me born a boy. Damn!

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