Wednesday, November 30, 2016

#MoneySense: The future of work is telecommute, telework and home office

Telecommuting simply means using technology to get work done.

There are many reasons why Teleworking and Home Offices started in the Northern hemisphere.

Weather. Sometimes it is too dangerous for people to drive to work.
Traffick. In Toronto, I lived only 27kms from the office but the drive was 45mins in summer and up to 2hrs in winter. The kids were in a daycare behind our school and it closed promptly at 5:30pm. Picking up the girls was effortless in summer but hard in the winter. The daycare used to charge $10 for every 15mins of late per kid.
Real estate costs. I had a big corner office so that cost my employer money. When we were transferred to Moncton, I was in a cubicle at first then the computer lab shared by 2 others.
In 2006, the company approved working from home. Not only because I had small kids whose schools would close due to weather but also because I was doing IT work which only needs an internet connection.
Canada has a 52 weeks parental leave policy. But after you return to eork, the kid is barely a year. Most parents are distracted between worrying about the baby ans work. So allowing parents to work from home is good for the company and the families of employees.
Most work is now global. How can one work in a team with people in Brazil, Thailand and Hungary and yet be in office? We are talking about disparate timezones and the employee in Canada is likely going sleepless to keep up with Asia to meet deadlines?
Telecommuting only works with a strong work ethic and a strong education.

There is no need to hire top university graduates and then micro manage their work. A Teleworker knows their job. After they put the kid down for a nap, they will return to the computer and work. If in office and the daycare calls that the kid has fever and your boss is breathing down your neck, there is no comfort zone and the Law of Diminishing Returns will kick in.

I mention a strong education because when kids cannot go onto the school bus, they will check their school website for homework for their courses, do it and submit it online.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Information you might not like but coukd use. I have a solid background in IT and Business.

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