Monday, October 31, 2016

#Uganda's dictator meets Ugandan iron ladies

The Museveni regime has lost shine and is self destructing. The day they decided to not only kidnapp,arrest and tortute and kill the men who were opposing them and turned onto woken was the day their downfall became obvious.

Arresting Dr. #Besigye than any human being on record was apparently not enough. #Museveni and #Kayihura made a catastrophic mistake and turned on women.

If you do not know the power of women. Meet Miriam Matembo. Then in walks Ingrid and Doreen. These 2 should go into the genius book of having been arrested, beat up, tortured and nebilala nebilala.

I took some marketing courses and image is everything. So Museveni and Kayihura got us poster stars. If you even think they will shut up and join the National Robbers Movement, you do not understand why women fight.

A woman is the best sister you can have. As a boy, see your sister walk onto the playground and kick the face of the bully who hit her brother.

She will then marry your best friend and you watch her getting very fat carrying your niece or nephew for 9 months.

After the little monster is born, you go visit your sister who has gone many nights without sleep and the little niece or nephew looks at you and smiles in your face.

On the second birthday, you show up with toys and the alien throws them away, jumps into your lap, embraces you while yelling "uncle John". You are like "she can talk. She even knows how to say my name".

You then ask your sister how she did it. Your sister replies "I even have no idea. I just did it".

Consequently, it is crucial for Uganda thugs to know that arresting, beating up and torturing Ingrid and Doreen is back firing. Even your staunch supporters are turning against you for it.

Good luck. You need a nice PR manager. Sorry I am taken.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Twitter: @mlnangalama

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